Jamaican in China! (3)–Everything Happens for a reason

So, if you read the previous installment, then I’m sure you’re wondering if my passport with my China visa came in sufficient time for me to leave for my trip….Well, first I’ll say that I’m a “go with the flow” type person, and when  things happen that would disappoint your average nomad, I look for the hidden benefit or guidance in the situation, and take it all in stride… With that said, to answer your question…



YES!!!!…. GOT IT!!!


On Wednesday it was still in Pago Pago, American Samoa, then, it had to go back to Honolulu, then to Guam, then to its destination, Saipan! 



And the reason it happened, I surmise, was simply to give me a little suspenseful story to tell! For those of you who followed my escape, return and subsequent re-escape from America in the book, Jamaican on Saipan, you’ll know that there’s ALWAYS some little last-minute drama that “threatens” to derail the my adventures!



On the contrary, this trip to China had been amazingly seamless and smooth! 

Once I realized I had a friend in Beijing, I found a Saipan direct to Beijing ticket timed perfectly to fit my calendar, sold my car in less than 24 hours from the moment I decided to, etc. Yes, everything was easy as pie! Eerie. Then, my ticket ends up in Pago Pago, American Samoa! (Tell you the truth, I was actually quite relieved when the drama hit!) 


As my friend, Stacey, commented on my American Samoa post: “Another amazing piece of your journey!!  It would be unusual if something didn’t happen.  LOL

You know it will work out, Walt!”


And so it has! 



Yes, fear not, erstwhile reader. As my good friend, Erroll, used to say, “I ain’t goin’ out like that!” 



So, even before my passport arrived in hand, I spent the last few days on the island of Saipan saying goodbye to key people, returning, donating, and giving away more items like my bicycle, trampoline*, my juicer (that was an emotional one) and finding a new home for my favorite plant (Thanks, Ashley!)


*Rule No 478 of the Nomadpreneur’s Handbook: No trampolines in the duffel bag. 


>> I’m scheduled for departure late, late, late on Sunday, so….by the time you read this……I’ll already be in China! unless, of course, um…something unforeseen happens! (but, I think I’ve met the quota for this departure)





With a whoosh and flutter of the cloak of night

This nomad departs, then is out of sight…






[cue the music: “See the World” by Gomez…..fade to silence]