People always wonder how come Jamaicans look so fit. I have two answers, the transportation and the education system.

Wha mount a running people haffi do fi get a bus fi go a school or work ANYBODY would a fit ! After yuh run almost half a mile an still doan get inna nuh drive fi go wheva yuh a go, yuh go back inna di evening an is de same ting again. Can you imagine dat after all a dis training dem still wonda how come di teif dem so faas. Mi can bet seh Merlene Ottey and all a dem big track stars use to tek bus an taxi. Inna Jamaica yah, if yuh nuh skill yuh would a neva reach whe yuh ago. All a dem nice ooman whe wi see pon road as long as dem nuh have nuh man a pick dem up an carry dem go whe dem a go, yuh can know seh dem a ole skillas. It bad an nuh so bad fi run dung di taxi dem when yuh inna flat shoes, but mi dear it tek EXTRA skill fi get inna one a dem vehicle deh inna dem deh high heel boot.

Americans do stair master or dem kine a stepping exercise fi firm up dem calf, in Jamaica dat come widdout effort. If you look at it, dem de skill ooman get a whole body work out thigh, calf, bottom and back. No wonder wi ooman dem look so good. Mi would a advise all a dem Jenny Craig and whateva else fitness program clients fi jus tek two weeks off in Jamaica an mek sure seh dem tek bus or taxi.

Hear wha top dis up to. When yuh go pon di bus and yuh bearly find space fi one a yuh toe dem much less yuh foot, yuh nuh have nuh choice but fi stan like yuh a ballerina fi hu much hours. If yuh foot neva trang before, it mus trang after dat. Di schoolas get a raw deal in dis bus ting yuh eida hear ‘no schoolas’, or “schoolas tek a standing seat”. Every whe wi pickney dem get a blow.

Anada fitness program wha wi have is de edication system. When di pickney dem ago a school, yuh would a tink dem a donkey. Wha mount a book whe inna di bag if a neva one ting yuh would a waan mek a likkle cart fi dem push di tings dem inna. When di pickney dem come home dem have a natural curl. Di big docta dem tell wi some whole heap a tings why dem naa grow. Common sense could a tell any idiat seh a di big bag dem a kip dem dung. Dem seh dat gravity keep everything up, but me haffi seh dat dere is one exception – wi pickney. Unda all a dat load, not even gravity can mek dem keep up, instead a grow dem jus a shrink. But doan watch dat, doan dem short, dem TRANG. Who wouldn’t trang if from yuh bout 6 yuh a carry dankey weight.

Now unnuh see dat our people have a system where wi entire well-being look after, physically, mentally and spiritually. Doan wi complain wi haffi tank God seh wi get all a dis whe di foreign people dem spen homuch ti odd dollars pon fi free. Is one ting bout wi people a yaad, if a freeness wi haffi inna it!

Nuff Love ZEEN !!!

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