Happy fathers day sweet daddy for Dr. Ignatius Foster

I remember u placing me on your lap
pretending to teach me how to drive
i was only six then believing i could move
such a machine
i held your hand while u guide me
feeling so happy & sure of myself
knew i could do almost anything
cause u were there encouraging and holding
my hands tenderly daddy.
I miss u and your smile
the way you sing, play your guitar
your strong faith/stance for health
your determination
your love for humanity
if i could hold your hands again
i would/yes i would look u in the eye
bold as ever and tell u everything
that I want/fail to do but I know you already
know/i truly loved you
with your chocolate cover skin and big grin
I reflect with a smile/wishing u were here
and that’s no lie
daddy thank you for choosing me
as your child/daughter
we owe it all to mama
because of our heavenly father.
daddy I just want to say
these magnificent heartfelt words
Happy father’s day
Happy father’s day
Happy father’s day to you
My dear sweet father!

© 2003 Maxine Foster

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