Love mash-up part II – May 1997

Yes mi chile, mi dey ya again, mi was a tell unu bout di woman dem prablem with di six months. Here is the scenario: Boy meets girl. As we was saying, a nuh di man dem alone hav di six months frame of fayvas fading fast. Mi chile, wen shi fus meet im shi always criss, aire well done, nuff purfume and matching clothes an shoes. Wen im visit har there is always a warm meal pon di stove. Afta six months, shi greet im wid curlers ina har aire, duster, and slippers an more creme pon har face dan a Devon House pon a Sunday evening. If im eva dare axe har bout di warm meal , di reply is, “It in di fridge, jus put it pin de stove an heat it up.” Wha appen to di crissas who used to greet im an hav im food ready?…Six months calender ketch har tu.

“Love mash-up afta 6 month Part 2” – Standard English Translation

My dear, I’m here again, telling you about the womens’ problem with the six months love affair. As I pointed out before, its not just the men that suffer from this six months frame of favours fading fast. Here’s the scenario: Boy meets girl. When she first meets him, she is well groomed, matching clothes an shoes, hair well groomed and nicely perfumed. At the beginning there would be a warm meal waiting on the stove, anticipating his arrival. After the first few months have passed, she greets him with curlers in her hair, hoouse dress, slippers on her feet and lots of face creme, more than at Devon House on a Sunday evening. (Devon House is an historical building renovated to attract persons for special occasions and even an evening out with the family to have icecream). If he dares’ to ask her about the warm meal, the reply would be, “its in the fridge, just take it out and put it on the stove to warm”. What ever happend to the well groomed woman he met, who used to greet him with a warm meal ready and waiting?. The six months calender catch her too.Walk good mi chile, till a see you again!(Take care until I see you again)

Talk to you later, until next month take care