Festival Fashion Vibes added to Jamaica 55

As the nation gets into the full swing for Jamaica Independence Festival, the celebratory events planned for Jamaica 55 organized Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Jamaicans at home and abroad are asked to “Wear Di Vibes…It’s Jamaica 55”, which is the Festival Fashion Theme for 2017.

“This year’s Festival Fashion theme surrounds the vibrancy, resilience, strength and creativity of the Jamaican people through the colours: Black, Emerald, Gold and Red.” Said Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the JCDC, Stephen Davidson.

He continued, “Jamaicans love to show their creativity through fashion, and ‘dress up’ every Independence season with pride. So this year, we hope to see persons at home and across the diaspora in their vibes colours, celebrating in real Jamaica 55 style to bring the spirit of the festival season alive.”

Davidson further stated that each of the selected colours brought with it its own Jamaican “vibes” and meaning.

“Black is resilient, strong and proud, while Emerald represents our nurturing nature, natural beauty and the groundedness of the Jamaican people. Gold speaks to our successes and the fact that we are winners and Champions of the World while Red speaks of our creativity, our ‘Nuff and Plenty’ nature and our lively-ness as a people.” Davidson said.

Fashion will once again form a major part of Jamaica’s past annual Independence festival celebrations. Apparel companies are encouraged to stock up on material to support the fashion theme and to meet the demand of the public. Fashion Designers, Storeowners and dressmakers are also encouraged to get involved in this year’s Fashion theme as the nation prepares to observer our Emancipation and celebrate Independence.