Fig Tree Blues

I try to look so well
I’m like Cinderella
every morning in my best
to go to town
to go to work.
No pumpkin becomes a carriage
trans is trans
best the pumpkin keep for supper.

Four of us out of an eight by twelve
outside tap
outside what?
line up to wash
line up for the mirror
the make up
the iron
the perfume you can’t afford
the good soap
for each her own.

Then home you come
the cinders wait
eight by twelve and four of us
cooking by turn.
Always the same
peas and rice, rice and peas
some pork, some fish
a big red, green or white.

Each one washes its own
let’s hope no rain
hoping tomorrow it will be dry.
Clothes are few
everyday what first we exchange
to look new.
We braid we style
we dream of pictures and ladies nice
to look new
like diurnal fireflies
hoping someone will take us away
will love us anyway
to better things, to school to finish
to a twelve by forty at least
inside tap
my own bad
to look as good at home as when I step
from my eight by twelve
catch my trans
looking good for work in town.

COPYRIGHT Daniel Nicastro Basseterre Oct.2,2002

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Danielni Castro