First Jamaican Woman to Antarctica launches exhibition virtually this weekend

Judith Falloon-Reid - First Jamaican Woman to Antarctica launches exhibition virtually this weekend - PENGUINS

Jamaican Author and filmmaker, Judith Falloon-Reid, is going virtual with her Aaah- Inspiring Antarctica, A Jamaican on Ice Exhibition on Sunday, November 22, 2020, at 7 pm. The Exhibition, which she dubs as an experience, officially opened in February to great acclaim at the National Library of Jamaica in Kingston. After touring Jamaica, Judith was scheduled for several stops in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, all of which were disrupted by the current pandemic. The virtual event will be broadcasted simultaneously on Facebook Live, YouTube, and on

Judith Falloon-Reid

Judith Falloon-Reid

The event features a photo exhibit, a short film, a reading from the coffee table book, Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica and a short talk about her experience. Judith admits that the event is better when experienced live. “I hope to be able to bring some of the excitement and wonder to the virtual space although once the covid crisis is over, I still intend to take the exhibit on the road,” she said. “There is nothing like seeing the images properly displayed and many other elements of the experience that do not translate well to the virtual space. “

Nevertheless, viewers will get to watch the film, see some images on the screen and learn about her adventure. The broadcast will be followed by a zoom after-party for those who wish to meet Judith, ask questions and share in discussions. Attendance at the zoom party is by registration. For more information visit

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