Five things you did not know about Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Five things you did not know about Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

We caught up with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce at the 2013 Hot Trot Jerk 5K Run/Walk in South Florida. She was the Grand  Marshall  for the Run/Walk. Shelly’s infectious smile and warm personality drew people to her.  She signed autographs and playfully interacted with everyone. Here is our conversation with Shelly-Ann.

Q. If you were not doing track & field what would you be doing?
(If I wasn’t doing track what else would I being doing…hmmmm) That is so hard because I have never ever seen my self doing something different. I like working with children and I am very passionate about that, I would be working with children right now. Trying to see how much I can empower them. (Big smile) I really don’t know what else I would be doing…(LOL)

Q. Movie you would watch over and over again? (A movie that stops you in your tracks)
That would defiantly be “Love and Basketball”. I am big fan of that show I have watched it like a million times and one (Smile).

Q: A follow-up questions. Since you are a basketball fan what is your favorite team?
Okay,..Alright…this weird but It is the truth, I really don’t have a team. There are  individual players on different team that I think are really great…I look up to people like that…So for me…the Miami Heat I like Lebron of course…and Dwayne Wade. For Chicago Bulls, I like Derrick Rose. For the New York Knicks I like Carmelo Anthony. it’s different players and different teams that gravitate me to the sport.

Q: What is your Comfort food when you are feeling down?
I would say my comfort food is popcorn…Carmel popcorn (LOL)

Q: Here our last part questions. It is 3 parts. If you were stuck the desert island…give the person you would want to be stuck on the island with…
My husband…(LOL)…What type of question is that..(LOL)

Q. What artist’s song or CD would you take….
Lauren Hill

Q. What else would you carry on the desert island…
(Thinking) My phone (LOL) not my shoes…my phone (LOL)

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything to say to the site visitors…
I would like to say Thank you for the support. Continue to represent Jamaica wherever you go. We are a proud country and…we work so hard …and we are powerful…continue to uplift us where ever you are in the world.


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