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A Breath of Fresh Air – Five Minutes With: THE Dubber

Think of a musical stew simmering with a multitude of intricate beats as ingredients. A heavy dollop of Reggae, heightened with a dash of smooth Funk. Sprinkle that lightly a with hint of smooth jazz with a subtle peppering of a host of other elements too numerous to mention and you have a sample of what the new CD, ‘Global Warning’ recently released by THE Dubber has to offer.

When THE Dubber, affectionately known as Breath to his inner circle, addresses his music he refers to it as World Music and the release of his long awaited ‘Global Warning’ is his answer to a dedicated fan base who not only pack his venues across the country but wanted to have his music literally at their fingertips. It is also a response to critics of the music industry who view music as having reached a certain commercialized creative stagnancy.

I recently caught up the with the busy artist while taking a break from his marathon-like tour schedule. Here’s what he had to say:

Q. Fans of reggae music are familiar with the term “Dub” and the importance of dubbing as it relates to the structure of the music. With that being said, why do you prefer to be known as not just the Dubber, but THE Dubber?

A. First, Give Thanks for considering me for the interview and for the support. With that said, I’m a huge fan of Jamaican Music. Especially DUB !!! The Mystic and Spiritual essence of it take me to the past from the future. The way the producer reworks a song… it put you in a ZONE. I’m also a big fan of Reggae. I once read that American Music signaled out from New Orleans, could be pick up in Jamaica. This gave local artist there a chance to hear what was coming out the states, which led them to rework the songs into their own. Many early Jamaican recordings cover some American Classics with the riddims of the island. Ala, Ska and Rock Steady. The music is one of Jamaica greatest gifts to the world. It’s influenced us all.

What a got from this is, to pay homage. To the Musician, to the People, and to the Country that giving so much in the Struggle of Humanity through the music. To continue the fight by reworking the music and the message of ONE-LOVE !!! So it’s known that we heard and felt it. That’s why I am THE Dubber. It’s out of RESECT to this !!!

Q. Listenting to your cd “Global Warning” is almost like an audiographical journey through various eras and genres: almost like taking a time-machine through the United Nations. I hear salsa, jazz, neo-classical funk and of course reggae amongst so many more. How did you acquire such a wide-breadth of knowledge?

A. It comes back to, ONE-LOVE. I love MUSIC. I’ve been diggin’ music for longer than I can remember. Still do. Growing up, I listen to everything I could. The FM radio and the TV exposed me to all genres of music. Even commercials, jiggles, and TV Shows songs are some of my favorite. Thanks to You Tube. late at night I find myself tripping on old jiggles.

I remember having a tiny reel to reel recorder when I was around 6 or 7 year old. I would recorded a songs off TV and rewind the best part real fast to make a snippet. Yes, like sampling, but before Hip -Hop. Kool Herc was probably 12. LOL !!! The more I think about this question, it even buffed me until now. But, I never liked learning songs. Just the part I felt was the best. Like a Dj !!! And I’ll tool around with that until I made a something I liked. I guess over the many years it developed into my style. I don’t really think of what kind of song to write. I just do me. (Message!!!) LOL

Q. The reception to your cd has been phenomenal, but even prior to releasing the cd you’ve garnered a huge following. You are booked solid from coast-to-coast for all of 2011. Why do you feel people are so drawn to your music?

A. Man, music. I’ve lost for it, I suffer for it. That why I feel the people are drawn. It’s the life journey. We all have one. I’ve been willing to share mine. The music comes from a pure place. I live the lyric. I’m not booked coast to coast this year, because it’s time to go GLOBAL. I’m ready !!!

Q. Your career in the music industry has been a testimony to endurance and perserverance. You’ve had negotiations that fell through with Geffen and MCA, various collaborations that were not fruitful and a few career detours. What served as your motivation through these career hurdles?

A. It’s not about a career. It’s about the ART. If the people find it up to par, they’ll support show. This takes time. I know it’s what I’m here to do. All the kind words of inspiration, all the support can’t and won’t be taken in vain. This is what keep me moving forward.

Q. There are few people in the industry that consider your music to be too experimental, how do you feel about that?

A. They don’t want to work or they’re afraid.

Q. What did you want your fans to walk away with after listening to your cd?

A. The world has changed for better or worse… it’s all up to us.

You may find more information on THE Dubber by going to his website at www.THEDubber.com. His CD, ‘Global Warning’ is in stores now.


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