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Foods to try in Jamaica

This short list is for the tourist who likes to “venture where not many tourists have gone before” and taste real Jamaican “Native Food”

Manish Water

Type of meal: Soup

Brief History and Where you’ll find it: This soup is an old time Jamaican favorite . You’ll find it served at “real Jamaican parties”, wakes, celebrations, reggae concerts and at road side stalls. Your best bet as a tourist is to buy it from a roadside stall where you can experience other native foods like roast yam and saltfish.

Benefits: Cures Infertility, Impotence, and yes the common cold. It is also know to put “hairs” on the chest of men and beards women.

Ingredients: The head, feet of a goat, bananas, yam, pepper, and your optional white rum.

Cowcod Soup

Type of meal: Soup

Brief History and Where you’ll find it: This soup is Jamaican delicacy, therefore it is very rare to find good Cow Cod soup. Your best bet is to head into the Jamaican country-side and find a good domino game. Here you will find men drinking Cow Cod soup to give them the strength and stamina needed to play vigorous sports. Another option is to go to a “real” Jamaican restaurant or road-side stall.

Benefits: This also cures Infertility and Impotence but gives added stamina and endurance for all types of physical activity.

Ingredients: The Cows Cod (this is a big Jamaican secret), bananas, yam, pepper and your optional white rum.

Curry Goat

Type of meal: Main Course -Meat

Brief History and Where you’ll find it: This dish has put Jamaican on the world map. Jamaican’s are experts at cooking curry goat and it would be totally unacceptable if it was not cooked in a Jamaican household once a week. You can find it at almost any hotel or restaurant in Jamaica but to get the real curry you need to visit the household of a Jamaican native. Cooking curry is like planting a garden or putting a chip in your computer. It has to be nourished and handled carefully. You want to feel the personal touch when you eat curry goat.

Benefits: Cures colds, helps you lose weight, brings good luck to your new home, wife, car etc..

Ingredients: Goat meat, curry, pepper and various “secret” home seasonings

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