Prejudice Against our Food

What is wrong with Jamaicans & their Prejudice against Jamaican food? I have to speak up now before it becomes a crisis. In recent years I have been observing a disturbing trend at private events hosted by Jamaicans. Types of food that no one recognizes or knows, being served to guests, all in the name of being formal. You know the type of meal I am talking about. It is where the plate looks colourful with a leaf on the side and the only thing you can eat is the good old recognizable ‘roll’. As I have explained in a previous article, food makes or breaks your event.

I had one friend who invited me to her wedding, say you cannot serve Jamaican food at a formal wedding. I was flabbergasted at this comment. What did she think Jamaicans in Jamaica eat at formal events? She was a good friend and this is why I did not boycott her wedding but ate before I went. I still dont understand why that unknown dip with chips served as hors d’oeuvres can’t be replaced by some excelsior crackers and solomon.grundy, or that mini tuna pita ring can’t be replaced by cocktail patties. Or the ‘breaded’ chicken breast with something the middle be replaced by filleted jerk chicken.

The excuse that their are people from other cultures there also does not ‘fly’. Jamaican food is probably what they expected when their Jamaican friend invites them to their event. You have been bragging about Jamaica ever since you met them, so why is the food not good enough. Would you expect to eat Greek at an Italian event? It hurts my heart for other Jamaicans to suffer through these events trying to figure out what they think they may eat on the plate and then settling for the ‘roll’. Now imagine waiting through a Jamaican time event to be disappointed by the food. Most of the food is wasted and is thrown out. If this trend continues I will have to continue to eat before I go and take a bun and cheese snack due to Jamaican time.

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Delano George Bell