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Free and laughing presents a different way of looking at life – one that is detached, yet accepting and rooted in trust and love. When one lives life this way, one is free to laugh,love and trust. Life becomes a big playground, full of fun, joy and learning. Yes, you fall,there are scrapes, cuts and bruises, but when you are free and laughing, you picky ourself up and play again!

So many of us are in pain, misery and suffering. We feel that life is hard, that we deserve to suffer and that there is nothing else for us but the life we are currently living. Being present to the moments of joy in the perfect mango, observing the bough of a blossoming tree, releasing attachment to space at a jazz festival, accepting blackened toenails after completing a marathon, trusting the universe to take her children safely to another country or learning lessons of mother-love from a dance – Marguerite Orane suggests a different way of looking at ordinary life experiences, one that is detached, yet accepting, and rooted in trust and love. When you live life this way, you are free to laugh, trust and love. Life becomes a big playground, full of fun, joy and learning. Yes, you fall, there are scrapes, cuts and bruises, but when you are free and laughing, you pick yourself up and play again. Everyone deserves to live – free and laughing!


I love this book. Gave it to my parents and sister and they immediately needed copies for their friends too! In a world where it is so easy to get bogged down, and become too busy to enjoy what is important, Marguerite Orane shows us how to relish and enjoy life. (Free and Laughing) Spiritual Insights in Everyday Moments – is just what it is. It was a joy to read, and I keep it on my bedside table to glimpse back at her insights. – D. Dubuque



Marguerite Orane loves nothing more than to “see the light go on” as she touches people’s lives through her facilitation, teaching and motivational speaking and now her writing.

During her formative years she had constant exposure to the world of business and entrepreneurship through the business that her parents owned and managed and in which she and her siblings worked. This early exposure spurred her to read for a BSc in Management Studies at the University of the West Indies and then an MBA at the Harvard Business School. She is now a partner in Growth Facilitators, a firm that helps organizations flourish, by facilitating group strategy development, decision-making and action. She has also lectured in Entrepreneurship and New Ventures in the MBA program at the Mona School of Business.

Marguerite is passionate about a number and varied range of things – Marc, Victoria and Shane, her 3 children; her 5 dogs; distance running (she has completed 4 marathons); the power of facilitation to transform individuals and organizations; the potential of entrepreneurship; the huge promise that each human being holds and the fact that every person on this planet is a child of God.

Marguerite’s journey is perhaps not the one typical of a Harvard MBA. But Marguerite is Free and Laughing as she seeks to bring the wholeness of humanity to organizations and individuals. It is her dream that the entire world be Free and Laughing.

Her daughter Victoria, for Mother’s Day 2003 when she was only 10 years old, summed up her mother thus: “Energetic, intelligent, brave, funny. Mother of three lovely children who loves books, music and kids; who is not afraid of anything; who wants to see the world alive and well”.

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