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Friends of Jamaica USA was founded in late 2000. We are a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing grant funding to support schools, scholarships, medical and social services and environmental preservation in Jamaica. We are an incorporated entity with Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws by which we do “business” and we are recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a Non-Profit Charitable Organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are also a volunteer organization with no salaries or personal expenses paid out. Therefore, over 90% of donations made to FOJ/USA are converted to grants in Jamaica. Since making our first grants in June 2001, we have given about $30,000 US to projects including the following examples:
[LIST][*]Grants to Montego Bay Marine Park and Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society for coral reef preservation.
[*]Two grants to the University of the West Indies – Mona for three scholarships in 2001-2002 and four scholarships in 2002-2003.
[*]A grant to rebuild a “squatter” community Basic School in St. James.
[*]A grant for installation of sanitary latrines in a rural community without sanitary facilities.
[*]A grant to a rural farming cooperative for crop conversion, training and support of a school.
[*]A grant to Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET) for a new computer system and digital camera so they can support a joint Adopt-A-School program with FOJ/USA.
[*]A grant (pending) to the Negril Chamber of Commerce for waste receptacles and a litter control project for Negril beach
[*]A grant (pending) for Sheffield All Age School to help build a computer learning room. [LIST]If you would like more information about Friends of Jamaica USA, please see our website at or send them email with any questions you may have.

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