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Book Review: Frisson of Spirit

About the Book:
Any dream that has ever been dreamt or any dream for the future meant is already woven into the fabric of who we are. Inspired by the Songs of Solomon, J.J. Blackwood’s Frisson of Spirit reveals her poetic journey of discovery and revelation, pointing readers toward the one true spirit of God. J.J. Blackwood brings alive the universal questions that plague all mankind about worth, purpose, and the meaning of life with beautiful poetry born out of her most intense moments of sorrow and joy. As John Keats’s conception of life in poetry sought expression in the soul, so J.J. Blackwood adds the expression of the spirit and the will in Frisson of Spirit to alleviate the suffering that is an integral part of the human condition.”   

The history of the human race has been fashioned by the dreams and aspirations of great minds, though not always benevolent in nature. The poet stands amid such great minds, and indirectly influences the world and the history of his time. The poet plies his art of imaginative expression to recreate the surreal, with his play of words, into ideals that inspire generations of great minds.

J. J. Blackwood seeks to inspire the generations of her time with the love and dreams of God. Not our love and dreams of God, but God’s love and dreams of us, his masterpiece creation. How wonderfully uplifting it is to know that the almighty God of all the universe actually dreams of us with an all-consuming love that endures throughout all dimensions. It is unfortunate to think that in factions of societies around the world today, the foregoing concept is surreal. Henceforth, J.J. Blackwood is now dedicated, as a poet, to recreate this surrealistic concept into an ideal that will lift us into realization of God’s dream of us.

I started reading this book and I could not put it down it felt like scenes of my own life, it is Inspiring, Spiritual, Whimsical,Touching, Sad, Happy and most of all an easy read, I laughed out loud, I chuckled, I cried and was very moved by the author’s life journey into her depths of Self-Revelation. Everyone will find a few poems they can identify with as well as an understanding of the Humbling experience it takes to bring the author as well as ourselves to a place of understanding and peace as well as self discovery. – Reviews by J. Letang

About the Author:
Jean  J. Blackwood resides in Miami, Florida, where she enjoys the quiet solitude of the Everglades and finds solace in the landscapes of the swamp. In reading and writing poetry since her teenage years, she has finally found the courage to submit her first collection for publication, with the hope that it will be an inspiration for others.

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