Poem: Fulfillment

The black man has arisen

To his true inheritance

Of the noble warrior

With victory in his hand

He did not allow his neck

To be chained to the past

Of his pain

Becoming a victim to shame

From every lie that tried to define

He now regally arise

No longer languishing in the darkness of soul’s nights

Mourning prejudices that confined

His name, his race, his face

For he now finds his place

His descendants must no longer use

History’s excuse

Not to succeed

And exceed

Their highest potentials

Inspiring the evolving generations

A new foundation is laid

A new history is played

Again… the black man has risen

Beyond his pain

Turning his shame and the curse to his name

Now healed from the limp of being lamed

By history, by slavery, mockings & beatings

Into victory he strides living the delayed dream

Fulfillment of destiny… he is freed.

(c) 2008

About the author

Karen McFarlane