G Cole Releases Single “It’s Christmas” as a Tribute to The Ladies in His Life

Singer/Songwriter G Cole aka Gregory Cole has released two full-length studio albums and many singles since his first release in 2007. He’s also written for other artists and now spends a lot of time behind the microphone as a broadcaster.

G Cole had been approached by several Producers to put his spin on traditional Christmas carols, something he has always shied away from, citing “There are too many great renditions of these records, the world doesn’t need to hear another version from me”

Though the option was never taken, he does speak on his love for the holiday season and Christmas in particular, “It’s that time of year when people who are not normally kind are kind, that time of year when people who don’t normally give will give and when people who don’t normally smile will smile.

In September of 2021 G Cole reached out to Producer Donald Clive Davidson of Aquagem Records, with whom he had already released two successful singles and suggested creating a Christmas Record but an original record, and there they embarked on the journey of “It’s Christmas”

G Cole states “I’ve always loved the holidays and all the traditions that come with it, from the Christmas pageants to caroling, to the holiday food, it has always been wonderful. As I grew older however, the rituals though fun became just that, rituals, and when my daughter was born, our own Christmas traditions began. When I got married we expounded upon those traditions and now, though the feeling of nostalgia never fades, I love our new ones and that’s exactly what the song is about. It’s purely a tribute to the ladies in my life”

The song was released on November 17th and is available at all digital outlets. A live video performance was released on YouTube on November 24th. You can follow G Cole on Social Media @mygcole and subscribe to the YouTube Channel (Homegrown With G Cole).