The Gathering

Here we are once again,
Hugging and kissing,
embracing folks we only hear about-
hearing how much we have grown
and who we favor

There’s uncles
who are so funny
and aunts who are constantly saying;
come here baby.

Everyones favorite food
is stretched out on the table;
it seems to go on for miles;
grown-ups are having quiet drinks,
and soft conversations in the kitchen

Children of every shape, size and color-
playing, crying and getting to know each other;
crossing their hearts and hoping to die, pledging their word,
that they’ll always be together.

Today is a day of remembering
and re-canting stories of those past and present,
a day of learning who and what we are.

Each time we come together,
it is a re-affirmation of our blood bond,
a statement of our existance,
our proclamation of our contributions to this world.

Neither time nor our numbers
can or will dimish
who each of us are;
For we will always be a part
of the gathering;
whether we be there or not,
our people will see to that.

About the author

Calvin CKerr