10 Questions with Gayle Cunningham from Kid Friendly Jamaica

This week we interview Gayle Cunningham the founder of the blog Kid Friendly Jamaica. There are lots to do in Jamaica for adults but what is there to do for children. Gayle has set out on an adventure blogging on what is really there to do in Jamaica for children. The site was recently nominated for a Jamaica Blog Award and is certainly one to watch.

Q:  I hear an accent. Are you from Jamaica?
LOL. I am not actually from Jamaica. I am a born and bred Trinidadian who happened upon a Jamaican fella and moved over here. February 25th makes 12 years that I am living in Jamaica. I actually lived in Miami for 4years while attending college.

Q: Tell us why you started this website/blog?
KidFriendly Jamaica was born out of a conversation I was having with a friend. She wanted us to do a magazine which highlighted all the things that a working mother could do with her children in Kingston. Then she moved away to Trinidad. I shelved the magazine idea but still thought we needed some where people could go to see what was happening in Kingston and Jamaica that was suitable for the entire family.  And that is when I decided to start the blog.

Q: How many children do you have and what ages are they?
I have four children. The eldest is a boy. He just recently turned 10, then I have a girl who is the main star of the blog LOL she recently turned 8. And then there are my twin girls 20 months old.

Q: Jamaican has many events every week so people may have the perception there is something for everyone. How do you define Kid Friendly events?
A Kid Friendly event is any event that you would feel comfortable to take your children to. This runs from a stroll through Hope Gardens to a dexterity exercise in the streets of New Kingston.

Q: How has the website/blog been received by Jamaicans?
The blog is fairly new so my reach is small, however the Jamaicans that have visited and the ones that visit often, like the concept of  the blog. Plus the blog emphasizes the positive side of Jamaica I hope.

Q: Do you get many questions from people over the island on what to do with their children?
Not yet, but that is one of the goal of the blog.

Q: What  would you say is the most Kid Friendly annual event in Jamaica?
Still working through the events.

Q: What were some of the technology challenges you faced with you started the website?
I had never worked with the WordPress format so that was/is a challenge. KidFriendly Jamaica has it own domain, but I am still figuring out how to make that transition. I am not very technological or am I HTML proficient. It has been interesting.., not worried though. I will figure it all out.

Q: You have an area on the site for eating Kid Friendly. What is the focus in this area? Is it healthy food or stuff that kids like?
 An eating place that is KidFriendly…. this section focuses more on the experience rather than the type of food. Because I am all about the children trying new things. For example I was over the moon with the KidFriendly experience of  East (Japanese) Restaurant.
As I say on the blog a KidFriendly eating place has smiling waiters, disposable cups that sit alongside fine crystal, high chairs, kid section on the menu and /or suggests sharing an adult serving into two and such like that.
Though now that you mention it I should try mentioning healthy options as well.

Q: What are the future things we can look forward to on the website?
I definitely would like to have a page dedicated to upcoming events… a calendar of events so to speak and a review section in which persons could give their opinion and experience at a specific event or place that they thought was KidFriendly in Jamaica.

Q: What activities do you participate in that make you feel like a kid again?
Making sand castles at the beach! Love the beach. And Jamaica has some really beautiful ones. Oh and I love a bounce-about! You can’t get onto one without feeling six again. If you haven’t tried it you should take a bounce in a bounce-about.

Q: Thanks for your time. Do you have any closing thoughts?
Thanks for having me. If you know of any event or place that someone wants to share please link them to us because I would love to share in it and post it.

You can visit the Kid Friendly Jamaica website at: http://kidfriendlyja.wordpress.com/