Get Busy, Behold he comes like a thief in the night !

Life’s tragedies have brought to the fore-untold vulnerabilities where human beings face off in a battle over good and evil. The common man in all his human frailties cannot stand the test of the livity without the intervention of Jesus Christos. It is he whom came to dwell among us in the flesh and now his spirit shall deliver us from evil unto a new life. Jesus Christ the son of God reigns supreme amidst the heavens at his fathers side. Great Jehovah blesses his children who seek him, he blesses those who seek to share his purpose with their fellow brethren and sistren. The world as we know it will one day pass away. It is for the children of God to stand committed to truth and justice, love and honesty. Nurture a pure and obedient heart which will someday lead to a pure mind and total deliverance from evil.

We all have different paths to take in life. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses and as such Great God has the power to mould us into the person he wants us to become. There is hope for all persons in life, no matter the circumstances, God , has a part in each our lives. Each individual can either accept Jesus mission and purpose or seek an alternative path. The earth is in turmoil during this hour of darkness, and yet faithfully believers wait for the messiah to come and quell the tensions. Holy Scripture says he will come like a thief in the night. Woe unto those who have not prepared with thanksgiving for his return. The Lord God warns that we should have no idol or god before him. He is a jealous God, and will not have men abhor, covet, slander, cheat, kill, be abusive or take part in immoral and punishable sexual acts.

In truth the birth ,life, death of the Christ was one to help us understand that through the first and second covenant man have been afforded the opportunity to know God, repent of our sins faithfully and live a life which is sacrificial. We are saved by the blood of Christ. It is Christ whom have died and risen and it is by his grace which we are allowed to walk in light and be saved from our sins. Christ ask us not to be anxious about food, shelter, clothing, he ask that the love of money be not a stumbling block in our life. For what if we gain the whole world but lose our souls. The spirit of God works in mysterious ways. It is God who ask that we keep our faith in him and remain prayerful and foreword looking to his second coming.

We shall never know the time of Christ coming, and so we need to take each day by day, honestly asking and seeking God’s guidance prayerfully. We need to honestly ask God to teach us to become closer to him so that we can share in his plan for all his children.
The Anti Christian evolves today

The past they say is History, the future a Mystery and off course the present a gift….a gift of life that gives you ample opportunity to grow and evolve. Describing yourself as a “Work In Progress” is admirable in the way some brethren look at themselves. Life moves at rapid pace allowing Christians the ability to honestly altar their sincere beliefs in the light of new information; “for what you knew yesterday is not a eternal guarantee of truth”.

An anti Christian’s personal theology is some what established in direct opposition to religiosity or established truth. Describing traditional religion as mere bigotry and out of sync with their reality is usually the cry of the backslider or person who is doubting the word of God and have shelved their Christian faith. The anti Christian will choose an alternative life, which is supported by humanism, and free will among a melting pot of all cultural ideas.

Spirituality/religiosity whatever the term you would like to choose is basically an acceptance of the fact that their is a mysterious force at work that has created the universe and all that is natural. Man/Women ability to nurture a mutual relationship with this super natural being to the point of enlightenment is the basic call of the Christian servant.

Oddly enough many non believers scoff at the teachings of Jesus as they weigh the gospel message against the displayed life of God’s servants and their own. Church workers and the leaders of church’s come under heavy scrutiny daily. Humble folks track spiritual people lives and frequently compare the life they are living as against the lives of so called committed servants of God . Some Non believers hasten to lash out at the church leaders bringing their character into question?. Using negative assumptions non believers, passive followers, and bad minded people try to use the failure of church leader ministry’s as the pivotal point upon which to refute traditional Christian authority. It is the same God who created this world who has so many times shown us that no man is perfect, no matter how he speak of God everyday. The only perfect man to ever walk to face of the earth is Jesus Christ. Since the formation of the early church, true Christians have always been able to recognise that it is by our faith in God that we are saved as a testimony to his many graces and love for us. And so if you willingly sin while wrapping yourself in the blood of the lamb then God will judge you even greater than the fellow man who does not understand the word and ways of God but has also committed the same sin. God is not partial, he expect those who accept and believe in him to live a life of complete conviction before the world. Rebuking the enemy seeking repentance and forgiveness as well as salvation.

Agnostic and atheist individuals oppose the word of God on several different fronts but more so out of frustration that God if he is so good, he would never have allowed evil to coexist with good ahead of a judgement day. In light of the historical path that man has decided to travel while seeking to test and see evidence before believing the truth. Man have only forwarded the rebellion against God which will end in total annihilation of those who doubt the message of Christ. Many people detest the word of God and are quick to scoff at the idea that God will return at the end of the age. The numbers among the enemy appreciates as people are powerless and want things which are evil and directly opposed to Gods will or his Commandments. Post Modernist render the word of God inadequate and unacceptable. The cultural renaissance and the birth of Modernism and its secular values have always been at the heart of contemporary living. At some point in our near future the populist majority of the world will make the case against God in a democratic poll. And those who are with Christ will be outnumbered as they face those who are Anti-Christian.

The 16th century rebellions of reformation of the church after the break up of the medieval world and the papal royal authority changed the political, social, intellectual climate. This was the point where man tried to purge himself of the medieval abuses and improprieties. The new inspired protestant movement arrived while setting up teachings which said man should be able to access scriptures personally and interpret without the middleman.

For prior centuries these (Medieval) churchmen defined reality for many and all of a sudden their credibility was lost. Consequently the whole world was thrown into question. The clear consensus about the nature of the universe based on the churchmen description collapsed. Today’s reality is even more dangerous for clergy men are increasingly admitting that they have been and remain tainted officials of the church; with a faulty compass and fractured support the leaders of the church are determined to hang on to power of the church while allowing secular influences to dictate the new standards of the Christian church life.

Lots of confusion abounds. Gay marriages, Gay ministers, Apostasy in the message, more selfish and independent ministries. Increased entertainment in music, drama, song , dance, in the churches. A gospel of health and wealth dominates the teachings. Promoting new doctrines the Anti -Christian in many ways are alienating the hearts of core believers. Many non believers continue to question what would the real Jesus want for us to do as followers at this time. The belief in one true God , Jehovah and his son JESUS can be expressed in many different ways. Hundreds of thousands of denominations exist across the earth. Each church organ in its own humble way think that it has captured the essence, fundamental language, and attitude of Christ. The tremendous upheaval of the Old World biblical perspective while it was challenged has remained as the sole letter of Christian life. True believers today understand that as the medieval values fell apart in the past so also did mans definition of God and mans relationship with God.

The Modern age began with a democratic spirit and skeptism , speculation, idealism, humanism, criticism and liberalism replaced scholasticism. (The divine authority of)logic, rhetoric, philosophy and theology who’s authority was the bible were all under threat and put on trial. They were ripped apart in every society as Nation State and Church conveniently separated. A speculative study of individuals in society, their relationship with the cosmos directed by science, has been where much of the world come up with all their answers today.

To say the church leaders have erred is without question. Many have in the past and perhaps many will continue in the future ,but, lest we forget, we all are sinners, men make mistake and some make fundamental changes too through repentance, growth and renewal. It cannot be that solely because a church ordains a Gay Bishop, or ordains a Lesbian deacon, or supports a corrupt pastor who was stealing monies from the church to give to his hookers, that individual believers are going to put their hands up to the devil and cease serving the good cause of Jesus.

Friends we all have to give an account for our lives and so don’t watch the mistakes of a few leaders in a society, no matter how honourable you expect them to be. The rebellious spirit is what is preventing many from tapping into our saviours authoritative source. Many are determined to create a personal theology/spirituality in true liberal fashion. A theology that is tailored with the Arts, allowing one to sing and shout and see the benefits of your tides in bigger church buildings, with more church vehicles, more musical instruments, more membership ,yet, with less baptism of the spirit among servants of God. Absolute theology is now considered as relative theology. Church membership decides relatively what they want to be right from what the bible absolutely says is right.

Since the Renaissance, popular culture has exploded time and time again each time eroding mans traditional roots. If we are to take steps backward through the centuries all in search for a authentic Moral order we will see how the creative revolutions have distorted the holy word. Political, cultural, social, economic , emotional order directed by the popular mass media of the times, Print, Radio, TV, Internet, Digital cable, etc. have each replaced the old moral order while bringing us new dire consequences.

Our sceptical age in a bid to escape divine authority now find itself in absolute chaos. Wars and rumours of war, hate , lewdness as sport, malice, bribes, jealousy, snobbery, covetousness, immoral sexuality, selfish ambitions, envy and jealousy all are rooted in the society of the nations of the world. The Church Leaders know they are living on borrowed time, yet they remind you that it is Satan who’s time is short and who is trying to do everything he can to destroy Gods children before Christ return. Remember the Clergy, Deacon, Bishop, Priest, Rabbi, Reverend, Pastor as a matter of his calling also has a date with the creator and saviour of the world. To lead the church at any point is a great responsibility and so if Ministers who decide to play the fool out of wanting to hide their sins, or wanting to appear more successful, they better be careful who and what they are exchanging to gain this success and abundant blessing.

The Pharisees and Doctors of the law were described as being hypocrites, dead men with their inside being all bones and their outside being white. With the scent of sepulchres spilling from their carcass-soul case, they piled up heavy loads for men to carry. The leaders of the Church frequently offer as a prescription what must be done during our life to be accepted by God. True Christians however continue to overcome, even as the darkness covers the earth. For Christ has promised that he will return and all who are not ready for the wedding feast and the judgement will be thrown into the abyss with the beast, the woman who rides her and the antichrist-false prophet.

Christians have got to remain humble in truth and honour speaking the truth against the enemy of Satan and the many vices he throws at us daily. Fear God Almighty your Creator and stand by what he has written upon your heart as a saving grace in the times of trouble.

Blessed Love


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