People get ready, time to rock steady

So I contemplating, on words that ring over and over my head
What a gwan, wit mi Jamaica
What happen to the farthing? they give that back to the queen, what we get
independent. Hole, mi bean need fe turn.
Alright, pon de real issues
Use to be, nice what to like it back twice, now me a wonder, if we a git lic in mi
head if me a walk Kingston.
I want this thing to rhyme, so hand me some tissues.
While I shed one tear, for vineyard town, spanish town, Kingston Market, you
remember de ice cream cone a town.

People get ready, time to rock steady
Miss Louise, JNBC come on in de afternoon, and shut off early. Archie in de comics,
Sgt. Rock, and playing JOS bus wit de close line stick-that one a trouble fe unnu
Whole, mi want to fry some chicken
Now Chester Fried inna JA, mi kick them out of my kitchen here in the states, gone
back to old ways-fresh an nice.

People get ready, time to rock steady
I told you in mi earlier poem’s-about de familiar shapes, pon de Jamaicans.com
That one applies too, because the racketers of the world see that in Jamaica,
Some seem to think pirates a dead, no man, they gone global; Exxon, Alcoa, Keiser,
Dem make Toney the tiger seem tame, when last time you walk up pon one tiger-Malcom
said,”Those who hunt in the jungle are also hunted-what you tink him mean by that?
Tony so tame, you willing to take the bite and not no sa fi him a bite unnu
What next, Chester fried Jerk?
Anyway, mi fi eat mi food now, don’t want to talk wit mi mouth full a food-mi
grandparent wid a shame-does that ring a bell?
People get ready, time fi rock steady

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Calvin CKerr