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Five Gift Giving Tips To An Affordable Christmas

Every year you make the resolution that you will not burry yourself with debt during Christmas. The media and stores do not help as they entice you to purchase the perfect gift for family and friends. Here are a few tips to that will give you and your family the best gift this some peace of mind and

Make a list
Like the song goes ‘making a list and checking it twice’. It is important to determine your budget and decide how you will spend per person. Stick to the list and this budget.

Change the gift giving rules
Where is the rule that everyone in the family has to get a gift? Discuss with you immediate and extended family if gifts should only be given to the children. Use the draw a name method where you may only need to buy a gift for one person.

Buy gift certificates
This can be a fun way to eliminate a lot of the time wasted on what to get and also save some money. There is no stressful contemplating on what to get for that hard to buy person. The recipient gets to choose what they want. Finally it allows you to stick to your budget.

Do Your Shopping Year Round
Avoid the holiday rush by shopping year round. If you find a bargain in April buy it. By limiting your buying in November and December you set yourself up for overspending.

Plan for the next year
Many banks and credit unions have holiday accounts. Take advantage of these accounts by adding a set amount each month during the year. At the end of the year you may be surprised at the amount you have in the account.

You do not have to overspend to have a memorable holiday. Focusing on activities with family and friend over gifts can make it special.

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