Goh back ah mi yaad.

Mi come ah dis ya country,

Weh life jus ruff an’ hard.

Sometimes mi jus waan pack mi bag

An’ goh back ah mi yaad.


Mi miss mi granny cornmeal pone,

And mi good Sunday dinner feast.

Mi tiyad fi nyam left ova food

Lawd, dis ya foreign is a beast!


Mi long fi eat a Easta bun

And piece ah di yellow cheese.

Mi long fi jus siddung outta door

And enjoy some nice cool breeze.


Mi cyaah tell when laas mi fly a kite!

Or walk inna di midday sun!

Mi long fi kick back inna di shade

And enjoy some nice white rum.


Mi waan fi goh back ah mi yaad.

Mi waan goh weh life sweet again.

Mi waan fi coom outta di col’,

Mi and dis yah country nah goh blen’.


Dem claim seh betta days soon to come,

But ah 10 years and mi noh see dem yet.

Ah time fi mi pack up mi bag and pan

And goh home ’fore mi dead from regret!


Mi noh care hoo much shot ah bus ah Mountainview!

Mi wi tek heed and watch mi guard.

But be it eva so violent and corrupted

Noweh noh betta dan yaad!

About the author

Kerri-Ann M. Smith

Dr. Kerri-Ann M. Smith is an author and educator. She is an Associate Professor of English at Queensborough Community College, CUNY. She is a patois translator, a wife, and the mother of two beautiful little girls. She is a senior writer for jamaicans.com.