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U gonna have to forgive me patois as I come from England – born and bred. Me fadda is Nigerian and me mumma is Henglish. But me have some Jamaican in me now and again, me husband is alf Jamaican, him fadda is Jamaican, his mudda Monserratian, but him born ina Hengland.

I came to your beautiful hisland last year August 2000 to get married, and we due back dis September to rekindle somma de romance.

Seriously though, coming from England and never having visited Jamaica
all we had to rely on were the negative T.V. shows and news reports. But I have to say that having experienced you beautiful land once, we have to revisit. We found the people friendly, the food delicious, the music a little stale, (we were staying at the Sunset Beach and Resort Spa – Mo Bay. When we asked the waiters and other personnel who worked within the hotel why we only heard Bob Marley (the less radical songs)they said that was the way it was. Needless to say we walked with our own C.D’s and listened to Sizzla, Capleton by the pool. This year we have added to our collection, with Junior Kelly (Saw him when he played at a venue close to our home) he was wicked, Luciano, Micky Spice to name but a few. I feel I should add that I love BOB MARLEY, but there are other Jamaican singers equally as fine.

Anyway I have gone on for far too long,

What more can I say, except can’t wait to fly to your shores once again.

Good Vibes,

Carmen Kelly

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