GQ Magazine Says Trilogy by Jamaican Marlon James Will Be the Game Of Thrones Successor

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The “Dark Star Trilogy” by Jamaican author and Man Booker prize winner Marlon James has been picked as the likely successor fantasy epic for fans of the popular “Game of Thrones” series. Rights to the trilogy have been obtained by the production company of Michael B. Jordan. The “Game of Thrones” HBO television series features dragons, zombies, nudity, and decapitations, all of which have mesmerized audiences since its beginning. It also spawned myriad podcasts, recaps, and speculation about its finale as soon as it was announced that series would end in 2019. When “Game of Thrones” ends, there will be a big gap left for fans of fantasy epics, but there is hope. According to GQ Magazine, the “Dark Star Trilogy” by James will fill that gap.

Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James

Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James – Dark Star Trilogy

As media networks and producers consider their options, the James trilogy is emerging as the top contender. Recently released, the first book in the series “Black Leopard, Red Wolf” is a fantasy epic that has been called “the African ‘Game of Thrones.’” This work includes all the elements required for a successful fantasy story. It has shapeshifters, witches, serious fight scenes, and lots of “graphic sex,” say its supporters.

The book’s plot concerns the search for a missing boy, but its interest comes from being in the fantasy world. The protagonist of “Black Leopard, Red Wolf” is a young individual named Tracker who has a super-human sense of smell that allows him to follow another’s scent to the ends of the earth. Tracker is a pansexual being who has a snarky attitude and is not especially noble, which sets him apart from the heroes of previous modern fantasy epics. He offers a contrast to the “men of honor” like Frodo or Jon Snow, and the world he lives in also offers a set of unique customs, hallucinatory sub-worlds, and alluring mystical creatures.

The book currently occupies the Number 2 spot on the New York Times Hardcover Best Seller list. As its rights have already been obtained by Michael B. Jordan, some think it is more likely that it will be a movie rather than a TV show, but others doubt this. According to GQ, the sheer number of characters and situations in the 800-page epic can’t be contained in a few hours of film. It seems better suited to the small screen and to inherit the “throne” for “Game of Thrones” fans.

Source: GQ Magazine

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