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Grammy Nominated Best R&B Song Has A Jamaican Connection

Grammy Nominated Best R&B Song Has A Jamaican Connection

“Luv” by Canadian R&B crooner Tory Lanez has received a Grammy nomination for the Best R&B Song for 2017. There is a Jamaican reggae link to the song, since it samples “Everyone Falls in Love,” a reggae tune by Tanto Metro and Devonte. Their song was a hit in 1997 and is considered a classic and source material for younger musical artistes. According to Burton J, Tanto Metro and Devonte’s manager, in 2016, about three songs interpolate “Everyone Falls in Love.” Tony Lanez himself, before releasing a video of “Luv,” tweeted, “Remember I said this … I’m about to have Jamaica ON FIRE”. The hook uses the same key and melody of the Tanto Metro and Devonte version. Since the video’s release on YouTube, views have totaled more than 800,000, while SoundCloud totals have reached 1.1 million plays. Burton says that those who fought for more support for dancehall music in the mainstream are glad that listeners are showing the genre “some love,” even if the performer isn’t a Jamaican. Devonte said it felt good to know works of the past are being appreciated and told THE STAR in an interview that Lanez did a great job putting his own style on the record. Tanto Metro said that what the song did in the past and continues to do makes the musical duo “feel like winners.

Lanez was discovered and mentored by Jamaican-American R&B, hip hop, and reggae singer Sean Kingston.

Complete list of 2017 nominees for Best R&B song

Come See Me” — J. Brathwaite, Aubrey Graham & Noah Shebib, songwriters (PartyNextDoor featuring Drake)

Exchange” — Michael Hernandez & Bryson Tiller, songwriters (Bryson Tiller)

Kiss It Better” — Jeff Bhasker, Robyn Fenty, John-Nathan Glass & Natalia Noemi, songwriters (Rihanna)

Lake by the Ocean” — Hod David & Musze, songwriters (Maxwell)

Luv” — Magnus August Høiberg, Benjamin Levin & Daystar Peterson, songwriters (Tory Lanez)

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