Great Things Great Husbands Do

Great Things Great Husbands Do

There is something that drives every man to want to be the GOAT. The first time I heard this i thought “why would anyone wish to be a GOAT?” But when I came to find out the meaning of GOAT my mind changed and I also wished to be that GOAT. Whether expressed or not, every man, husband, father has a wish to be THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES (the GOAT). God actually created men to be the GOAT in some way, area or time of our lives. This is why He showed us the lives of so many great men in the Bible who were the GOAT.

Every husband was created to do great things in their marriages and families. If this was not true God would not have mandated us husbands to lead. Yes, you are a leader. You were created to be a SPIRITUAL leader. You were mandated even before you were born to rise above opposition, to dismantle plans the enemy has for your marriage and family. Your wife is your rib and God created you to protect that rib at all cost. Guess what? Not only did God tell you to protect your rib but also gave you the power to do it. You were created with greatness in your DNA. You were mandated with what it takes but you may not realize it because you are far away from the magnet that pulls you in and teaches you how to do it. That magnet is CHRIST JESUS. You have the DNA of CHRIST in you. All you need is a close relationship with Him upon accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. Once you come into that new life of knowing CHRIST through accepting Him, you cannot be stopped. You can be the GOAT.

When Michelle and I got married I did not realize this mandate I had to be the GOAT until I faced some great challenges in my marriage. These challenges pulled me to who I quickly realized was my source. I found that I was closer and closer to CHRIST through my daily relationship with Him. I am not the only man, husband or father who had this great “light bulb” experience. Here are some other men who did GREAT things leading them to being the GOAT.

Leading Despite Failure

A leader will never lead without failing at times. Failure is the beginning of victory. You cannot have victory without facing a failing situation. This is how a win becomes a win. Opposition is placed in your way to bring you to victory through overcoming failure. Moses was a man who struggled with failure and even though he sometimes failed, Moses was a man consistently in tune with God’s plan. He loved the people of Israel who God called him to lead. You were called to lead your wife and family just like Moses was called to lead the children of Israel for forty years out of Egypt and to the edge of the Promised Land. Moses dissapointed God with some of his actions but repented of his lack of trust and was used by God to accomplish His purposes. Whatever your failure is or was, God still has you ordained and mandated to be that leader in your home. Just stay close to Christ through repentance and faithful living and you will overcome whatever is in your way of being that GOAT.

Trusting Obedience

God’s plan for you comes to life through your trust and obedience to your calling in God’s time. Joshua was chosen by God to take over from Moses in leading the Israelites but Joshua trusted God. He realized the authority of Moses that God gave him and never tried to overstep that authority. Joshua trusted God’s timing and patiently waited unti it was his time to lead Israel into the Promised Land. Are you in a desert in your marriage? Are you anxious to see a change for the better? There is a vital piece of LOVE that is needed. That piece is called “patience.” Love is patient. You were called to love your wife. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). Be that Joshua in your marriage. Joshua is one of the GOAT.

Chasing His Heart

To lead is to be led. To be a GOAT you must go after the GOAT. God is the greatest of all times and still continues to be that GOAT. There will never be another greater. David was a man after God’s heart. He was sensitive to the leadership of God in his life. The greatest thing a husband can do is want to be like CHRIST. Christlikeness and manhood are synonymous. Developing a heart for God is the catalyst to having a heart of love for your wife. David was able to lean on God in times of adversity. You will have adversity in your marriage and will be able to lean on God in those times also, when you seek God with all your heart.

Chosen To Win

You are already chosen by God to overcome every and any obstacle you face as a husband. God will at times allow those obstacles to show you this very truth. When satan spoke with God and tried to say that no man completely obeyed God and worshiped Him, God proved satan wrong. God told satan to try this man called Job. Job was a man just like you are a man and husband but Job chose to obey completely obey and worship God despite satan’s terrible attack on his life and family. Job actually lost everything but still decided to obey and worship God. Job even experienced division in his marriage when his own wife told him to curse God and die. Job wholeheartedly trusted God through it all and never listened to man. Job knew he was chosen to win. When you are attacked in your marriage God already prepared you to win but you have to trust God through it all to see the end result of victory. Job was more than a winner. Job was given double for his trouble in the end. You are chosen as a man to win. You are strengthened to endure hardship and come out victorious. Just remember you have a Job in you that allows you to be the GOAT.


About The Author

Carim Hyatt

Carim Hyatt was born and raised partially in Jamaica, West Indies.  He is one of seven children from the Hyatt family and has grown into a great man of God.  Carim had the luxury of seeing his grandparents model a Christian family life while portraying a marriage in God’s image.  Carim had his mother in his life also and learned a great deal about values and wisdom.

Carim’s passion is marriage and family. He and his wife of twenty years, Michelle,  are hosts of MARRIAGE IN A MINUTE, a brand new radio talk show reaching as far south as Miami and as far north as Orlando.   He has authored two books, The importance of Salvation and Staying Married Becoming One Flesh.  Carim is now on his third book, PURITY IN PREPARATION FOR MARRIAGE.  His journey has taken him from Insurance adjuster to minister through writing and public speaking.  Carim leads men’s ministries, married couples lifegroups, praise and worship along with many other areas of ministry as God has lead him.  Carim and his beautiful wife Michelle have appeared on Television programs , namely TBN, speaking about marriage and family.  He is a great motivator, mentor and loves the Lord with all his heart.  His passion is to see every marriage go the long haul while being molded into God’s image.

Join Carim on this great journey as He reaches the unsaved for Christ while continuing to encourage marriages and families. Visit his website for updates. Read all marriage articles on Jamaicans.com Visit our new website: www.MarriageVantagePoint.com Listen to our weekly podcasts: https://anchor.fm/carim-hyatt

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About the author

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