Peace,Tranquility, Nature & Greenery

I am engaged to a wonderful Jamaican man who took me home to meet his parents and family for two weeks. We were there for the Easter Holidays and life was great. I was ill due to the fumes from the vehicles, but that did not spoil my fun times.

I got to travel to and through 5 of the 14 Parrishes. First of all they live in the county (Milestown, Hanover); talk about peace and tranquility; nature and greenery. We went into Montego Bay on several occasions to the market, stores & craft shops. We went to Bevledere Estates in Mo-Bay and we went to Dunns River Falls in Ochie.

We went to numerous restaurants and night clubs. I saw the famous Jamaican golf course, Tri-All. The Seafood Giant in Trelawny is the best seafood restaurant in the world. I came back to America and I was home sick for a country I had only been in for two week.

I kept telling my fiancee that I was eagerly anticpating my return to Jamaica and I am currently planning my marriage, reception and honeymoon in Jamaica.

We will be there for two weeks over the Christmas and New Years Holidays.