Growing Up Like A Jamaican – Happy Anniversary

Markdown:Back in ’96 I had an overwhelming need to know as much about my grandparents as possible. I think at that time I was afraid that they would either pass on or forget their history. Although my grandmother didn’t remember a lot about the past my grandfather had a mind like a steel trap. I asked him about how he and grandma met and this is the letter I got in reply. If Ms. Ella and Stafford were alive today they would be celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary so Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!!PO Box XXXBlack RiverSt. ElizabethNov. 19th 1996Dear Dahlia, May the Lord richly bless and keep you and greetings to you in the name of our soon coming King. I have received your letter and was very grateful for the money you sent. Thank you very much. Your grandmother was ill and I took her to the doctor, she is much improved thank God. Say hi to Alecia (my sister) for me. Hoping to hear from her from Christmas.As for the meeting with grandma, we met each other (in Kingston) and talked until we fell in love. I prayed we got married and God has kept us together for 53 years. April 28th will be our anniversary again. Could you find out who and who will be coming out for the holidays and let me know? Reply soon. May God bless you.Your same,Grandpa & Grandma.

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