Growing Up Like A Jamaican – Being Grateful for the little things

Markdown:Even in the toughest times my Grandparents never wanted for much. The cylinder they requested in this letter is for gasoline for the stove. Since they didn’t get electricity wired through their house until 1997 they still lived by lantern light, there was no TV and only a transistor radio that was powered by batteries. They were for the most part simple people who lived within their means. They received a pension from the government and the unmentioned thing they are thanking me for in the second line is money I had sent them. And it wasn’t even a lot of money because I would enclose $20 whenever I wrote. My grandparents were grateful for every little thing that was given to them and above all they just wanted to see us as much as possible. With the current economic crisis we are going through I think more and more people are realizing that it’s best to live simply and to value what’s really most important in life, family.Bless up!Dahlia D. Welsh Hodges Land Dist.Black River P.O.St. Elizabether11th, November, 1991Dear Dahlia,I first say greetings to you in Jesus name hoping you are all well. Yours I have received and was very, very glad to hear from you. Your grandma was very, very glad for the eyedrops and we are very thankful for what you have sent for us. We are actually the same as you leave us it is only pain worrying your grandma as usual. I would be happy to see Sophia for the Christmas and also yourself I would be glad to see you for the next summer if our lives spare. If Sophia is coming please to phone her and tell her to bring three suit of pajamas tall size and a belt for me.The cost of living out here is very, very, very terrible every day things are going up. The food we are eating we are paying tax for it, please Grandma is asking you to tell your mother if she could buy a cylinder for her it is $550.00 for it out here. Grandma: From you leave here and I get the eye drops it is the first I am getting another one and God bless you for it is helping me now.From your Grandma & Grandpa with lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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