Haitian American-Motivational Author Cindy Similien-Johnson Releases Third Book on Living Expectantly

What do you do when a friend is going through troubles and you want to give her hope? You write a book.

And, that’s what Haitian-American Motivational Author Cindy Similien-Johnson did. Her third book, “Living Expectantly: 30 Days to Living an Authentic Life,” was written to encourage her friend who was going through a crisis.

“Every week, I sent messages of hope to my friend, reminding her that life is still beautiful despite the mess. I wanted to plant seeds of hope in her heart,” Cindy said. “I believe that as long as a person has hope, he or she will find a way out of every situation. This book was written for people like my friend – people who need a gentle reminder that life can change for the better.”

When asked what keeps her going in a world filled with despair, Cindy responded, “My faith in God, through Jesus Christ.”

After suffering from depression and being hospitalized three years ago in 2012, Cindy found hope and healing in her faith. “I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. I’ve gone through trials which tested my faith,” she said. “However, God gave me a second chance, renewed my hope, and also gave me a purpose to continue living.”

A graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, she founded CSJ Media Publishing in 2014 as a platform to use her gifts and talents in writing to uplift others. “There are so many people who have lost hope,” she said. “This book will prompt them to change their perspective on life. They will learn how to live expectantly and discover how their actions, thoughts, and speech can lead them to live an authentic life where daily miracles happen.”

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