Happy Winter Tourist Season 2020 Jamaica

Jamaica Sangster International Airport Wins for 13th Time at World Travel Awards

It’s super chilly up north this winter, north Americans considering jet away to the warm south, will you be joining the Party? The winter tourist season begins on December 15, 2020. The Jamaica Tourist Board face one of its most difficult time yet. Covid-19 remains a problem for the island’s hoteliers and Tourism partners. The virus has raised travel advisories for persons visiting the island. With arrivals down in numbers there is still hope of a recovery by year end.

I’ve been surfing the internet, making telephone calls, acting as travel agent while preparing for the Tourist season. Montego Bay Jamaica’s second city, continues to be among the favorite jet away spots. Matching the bargains with my shoestring budget Jamaica remains the crown jewel of all destinations, the island kingdom of “one love”.

Sticking with a more fun, low keyed but wired location this winter, Jamaica is the perfect playground. Beaches, Restaurants, Sightseeing, Nature trails, and Water parks. In 2020 the local tourism product has been heavily discounting to keep up with the international markets. Notice I said wired destination, I am a net junkie if you will. No one can be too careful while vacationing. Check the internet and you have a durable survival tool in changing times. Booking your ticket online is common in today’s travel market.

Jamaica faces much competition from other Caribbean locations. Sandals the all-inclusive resort, one of the most celebrated local brands continue to advertise in the North American and European markets. Its been a refreshing sight to see the television commercials, during hard times. Cutting edge tools, banner advertisements online also shows that Jamaica will not be left behind.

US state department travel advisory shows that Jamaica has a security hazard high toll of murders making for a spotty image. For the 2020 tourist season Montego bay, Spanish Town and capital city Kingston are listed as places to be cautious when visiting the island. Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Negril and the South Coast are places welcoming tourists without much problem.

Jamaica traditionally is especially popular during the Christmas season and End of year, New Year celebration. Locals and overseas citizens love to party during these joyous time. There are special packages for couples, with New years ball at North Coast, and Kingston city hotels.

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