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He is dead, but did he transfer my title as my representative?

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QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Many years ago a relative of mine left Jamaica and trusted a ‘so called’ friend to pay the tax on a piece of property that he owned. The friend claimed to have been paying the tax but then eventually died. We cannot locate his relatives to obtain the title that was left with him. How can my relative retain his claim to the title, and, if for some reason the “friend” sold the property or transferred title what is our recourse? Thanks in advance.
Jay in response to ‘How can I get title for land Back home?

1. You can trace payments, if made through the tax office online. Do you have the valuation number?
2. You may retrieve a copy of the title through the Titles office, at Hanover Street or online.
3. The ‘ friend’ cannot act to transfer your name etc without your official permission, or forging your signature. If this was done for some reason you may need the services of an attorney for example to assist with challenging the title in the Supreme Court, or any other action required.
4. You can trace any action regarding the title through the Registrar of Titles, as the same would have been recorded. READ MORE at THIS LINK
5. If your ‘friend’ or anyone acted falsely on your behalf, you can seek recourse through both Criminal and Civil Court. As your friend is now deceased, you may find such action challenging, and therefore you wil need an attorney’s assistance. You may speak further with a member of our team by contacting us through email.

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It is useful to also read the Registration of Titles Act

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