Poem: He Promise

We will be married soon

    You will see!

I’ll take you to Hawaii, Paris

     then Africa

Are you game with me?

We will go many places

you and I —- my love

“Just give me six years, he said.

Where do you wish to go?

As I listen in silence for a moment

I daydream, vision romance beautiful,

tender, kind, places he dream of in his head

I heard his joy, excitement—-his dream, much said

that seems distant faraway

I prayed his dream was truth,

would come through to reality

Though I could not bring myself to tell him

that it was his dream—yet so real

that I wish to travel, dance to the wind now

for in six years, who knows, where I will  be?

As I pause in silence,

“Are you there, he said?

     “Yes I Am!

“Get your passport ready, I heard him said.

Just A wish, he and I longs for 

As I dance to the vision of romance

in my head.