Help me prep for the Jamaican con principal in court

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Good morning. I have a lawsuit coming up early September. I am suing a principal and the school for breach of contract. It will be at the Sutton Street Court and the judge will oversee the case. Please tell me what I need to do to fully prepare myself. This principal is a real con man and he has destroyed a lot of people’s lives. I am the only one suing because the others students are afraid to stand up.
Well he promise we the students a level three certificate NCTVET and this was a one year course, only to be at the school for over a year and to find out the the school was never certified…so I basically wasted one year of my life.
Shanna Grant


RESPONSE: Dear Shannon,
Your best weapon is first a clear memory of the truth.
Stay calm, confident and credible. After you have established a clear outline of what happened, make sure you get anything you can use to prove your case together and place them in the order of the history of the incident. In your case, receipts, and all documents exchanged between parties are relevant.
The interesting thing is, copies of all documents on which you hope to rely on must be given to both the Court and the Defendant. Bring copies in and the Court clerks will assist you to put the evidence on the file and instruct you on how to serve them on the Defendant and also the time frame in which you have to do so.
You should also consult with an attorney to better understand what you are likely to get, if successful.
All the best.

Legal wiz