Introduction – Helping Jamaicans Help Themselves:

We are ready collectively to build a new Jamaica, with shared opportunities for all…so help us God.

The Help Jamaica Channel is towards helping all Jamaicans, lovers of Jamaica and lovers of humanity. Together we “one people online” are playing our part in advancing the human race triumphantly.

In this era of a united “one love” generation, be inspired or be the light and blessing which shall uplift us all… into the season of Gods Kingdom that has indeed come.

Join this diverse people, by putting your hands and hearts together in a prayer for all those who have been touched by this online community. Pray for those young leaders who are rising from among us to challenge the status quo by giving back to our nations life line. Shall we all give back something so that the young and meek children who have been promised much; may fulfill their dreams while inheriting the Land Jah-mek-yah in Peace and Love and Unity.

We, more than any community understand the plight of the time we live in with thousands joining the ranks of the unemployed. Young men and women and adults in the heights of career being turned out in early retirement plans by corporate back stabbers. Tossed aside by companies that no longer court them with rising salaries or bonuses.

The world labour pool has grown much since the beginning of the 21st Century. At the close of 2002, US unemployment stood at 5.6 % on average with North Carolina being the worst state hit inching up to 7 %.

Professional managers, technical, administrative, skilled workers are being given the pink slip. Making them some 46 % of the unemployed. Of course white-collar workers are the ones feeling the brunt of this new bare market.

One solution during this lull in growth is to use your skills and talents for free, while scouting for new opportunities. It’s a gamble some may say to hope or hold out on a pro bono ticket with small companies.

Yet others suggest you just use the opportunity to reshape your lives, as no one really knows the extent or actual duration with which this sagging economy will rebound.

The US Peace Corps is one organization, which offers American citizens a chance to see the world, while offering their capabilities to the poor and needy cultures that exist throughout the villages of the planet.

The US Peace Corps has missions to Jamaica annually. We are asking that you contact them now and come on down to Jamaica and give us a helping hand.

Peace Corps Jamaica is reputed to be among the longest lasting development programs in the world. Jamaica was among the second group of Peace Corps posts opened worldwide when the volunteers began arriving on the Island in 1962. Since then, over 3,400 volunteers have served our country of stark contrasts.

The YMCA also has diverse programs across the world, with three locations in Jamaica. Many believe that so much more could be done if our friends abroad would give endowments or form foundations with the responsibility of carrying on the mission of these enthusiastic Christian organizations that are helping Jamaican’s help themselves.,

Urban sprawl and the post-modern ideal is very pretentious, living in illusions of glass castles and year round playgrounds which they call paradise and don’t expect hostilities; Yet the reality has been so much different.

Jamaica is as real as it gets, we have multi-disappointments, personal, family, running beside community distress and thus right now we could use any able body that can help stem the rush towards anger.

You could become a teacher, or a community counsellor, providing a service to this small but expectant neighbourhood of people who want the best for all. Most Jamaicans are optimistic, but become very unhappy, frustrated, and angered when promises are broken with regards to the youth’s development and when modest growth in sports and culture is suffocated due to lack of man power and economic capital.

Don’t let the sufferers feel lost in a jungle of concrete, when with visitors care and helping hands, you could stimulate courage and determination allowing communities in our land to keep a steady course.

The family here at have started our drive towards helping Jamaicans help themselves; our Toy drive in October was in effect a launch date. Now we begin a new drive in 2003 as we ask you to give books and to visit Jamaica and stop by a school and adopt a child, tell them that you love their country and you want them to take care of it’s beauty.

We share in all peoples pain on this planet and so we are allowing all persons who are associated with our community to drop in and use our: