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How do I get records of probate of a Jamaican’s 1899 Will?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

My great grand father left a will in 1899 thereabouts, which my brothers and I think a probate was done for. We just want to know if the probate was done as the document we have in our possession says Resident Magistrate Court. Can you guide us on how to check if there was a probate?

Ezra Brown

RESPONSE: Dear Ezra,

Up till recently many persons preferred to apply for probate in the Resident Magistrate court. In order to check for a probate however, especially as the Will is so old, you should go to the Island’s Record Office located in Spanish Town. The information in recent times have been sent to the Supreme Court that it might be indexed. Therefore if it were more recent, the suggestion would have been made to check the relevant Resident Magistrate court and the Supreme court.

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