How long does it take to remove a Jamaican’s name from the title?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Good morning, I have a question, I have a lawyer in the US and my mom have a house in Jamaica, my dad passed away and my mother is left on the title. My lawyer is doing the title exchange, but it have been awhile and no response. How long does it take to get a title? I need to sell the property. Please help. This is going on since last year.
Simone Calnick

RESPONSE:Dearest Simone Calnick,
Thanks for writing in. At this point in time we do need more information to be able to assist you better. However, provided everything is in order the process for removing your deceased father’s name so that the title bears your mother’s name only should take three months at most. Perhaps you should try connecting a lawyer who is based in Jamaica, and one who specialises in land issues.
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