Huffington Post Names Martha Brae River a Must-See Natural Wonder in the Caribbean

In a ranking of the Top 8 natural wonders to see in the Caribbean, the Huffington Post named Jamaica’s Martha Brae River to the Number Four spot. Specifically cited was traveling down the river on a bamboo raft, weaving through the jungle just a few minutes away from Falmouth. The rafting journey is described as “stepping back in time.” The three-mile journey offers visitors the chance to look for unique local fruits like the ackee, breadfruit, and calabash dangling from the trees that lean over the water. The trip also includes commentary by guides who tell the story of Martha Brae, an Arawak witch who, according to local legend, lived on the river’s bank and led Spanish treasure seekers to a watery death. The bamboo rafts were once utilized to transport sugar up the river, but they are now the major attraction in one of the most popular adventure activities in Jamaica.

Photo Credit – Instagram | @jaimejamgochian

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