I AM JAMAICA, Make the Pledge – Happy 48th Independence

As our nation of Jamaica approaches close to the middle age of Independence, you could say that we are at a pivotal crossroads.  In recent months, a band of Jamaica’s top reggae artists and industry professionals, including Hopeton Lindo, Freddie McGregor, Shaggy, Marcia Griffiths, Courtney John, Fiona, Sophia Brown, Peter Gee, and Robbie Shakespeare partnered to pen and produce a theme song of unity for the nation, whether at home or abroad.  The launch of the “I AM JAMAICA” campaign is a marketing/messaging initiative inspired out of the Jamaican Diaspora community to connect the people of Jamaica at home and abroad and to encourage a sense of positive action and accountability.

Jamaica, a nation of about 2.8 million persons, enjoys the extended population of over 3.5 million persons of Jamaican descent across the world.  This greater nation of Jamaica has yet to be tapped to its full potential.  The “I AM JAMAICA” campaign calls on all Jamaicans, at home and abroad, celebrities, community leaders, artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs and others, to encourage a sense of personal responsibility; to inspire each other in embracing our talents and resources as a burgeoning global community for the upliftment and prosperity of our youth; and to evoke an emotional connection of hope, positive vibes, prosperity, oneness, and all other core qualities of ‘Brand Jamaica’ among Jamaicans worldwide.

The campaign also encourages Jamaicans to elevate their level of communication and collaboration in addressing issues of national interest. The campaign also encourages the support of law and order in the society and implores a sense of personal accountability for re-socializing the mindset of the nation, at home and abroad.

The spine of the campaign is a Declaration for Positive Action and Accountability which supporters are asked to sign, uphold and share with others.     The campaign will be incorporated and wrapped around Independence season events in Jamaica and around the world in local Jamaican communities.  The campaign music video made its debut at the annual Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay and on the Island Stylee program on Air Jamaica in-flight TV entertainment.

Through the Declaration, the campaign encourages a renewal of positive action and accountability in nation building, implores a commitment to law order, and emphasizes a call to action to volunteerism and philanthropy. In the end, the campaign reminds us that wherever we reside in the world our behavior and actions have a direct reflection on brand Jamaica and its future sustainability.

Through this Independence season, we evoke the power of our music to thread our nation together across the world.  The time is right to nurture our self-love.  This campaign is for the people of Jamaica and a reminder  that we are a people of conviction, strength and resourcefulness, who by love for and faith in each other and in our youth can find solutions that will help drive Jamaica as a global brand destined for sustainable prosperity.

Let’s make the pledge together.

My name is Marlon Hill and I AM JAMAICA.

Make the pledge today at http://www.iamjamaica.org and visit the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at iamjamaica2

Happy 48th Independence.

About the Author
Marlon A. Hill is the Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the Southern United States.

About the author

Marlon Hill

Marlon Hill, Miami attorney with Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel and radio commentator with WZAB 880AM, Caribbean Riddims, D' People's Politics