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I want to marry a Jamaican, how can I become a citizen of Jamaica

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I have been in and out of the United States country for three years. I spend 2 months in every year since 2010 in Jamaica. I own a house and bank account and pay utility bills. I need to know how I can apply for Jamaican citizenship, and I am planning to get married this December. I also need help to plan a small ceremony.

Nica Marinez


In your case, your best bet is to wait until you have officially married your Jamaican lover before applying. You have not been living on the island for five years which would have been grounds to apply for naturalisation. To apply for citizenship based on marriage , you will need to apply in writing to the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) if you are in Jamaica. If you are overseas you can visit the Jamaican High Commissions/Consulate offices to make application.

Here are the documents you will need:


  • – Completed application R1 form in duplicate (forms can be downloaded from the PICA’s website or obtained from High Commissions/Consulates)
  • – Applicant’s Passport and Birth Certificate.
  • -  Marriage Certificate
  • -  Two (2) recent passport-size photographs
  • -  Husband’s or Wife’s Birth Certificate and Jamaican Passport
  • -  Police Report from country of residence

NB: In another post we’ll respond to how we can assist you with your marriage plans.

Legal Wiz



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