I Remember..

I remember as a child running home to watch JBC, then our only
television network, which was off more times than on as a result of the everlasting power outages. Things seemed so simple then. We had Ringding, hosted by Louise Bennett-Coverley, a Jamaican version of Sesame Street, an attempt to make sure we didn’t forget our roots, African, Asian, Middle Eastern or European. When I was growing up we still had black and white TV and they still showed Charlie Chaplin-imagine that a silent movie on TV.

JBC was then called Jamaica Brukdown Corporation because of the amount of time spent off the air. It was like going to the movies only to have the reel break. But we resorted to checkers, ludo, cards and dominoes and candle or kerosene lamplight and told stories and had so much to share. Times were so blissful it seemed…Whatever happened to those times???