9 Ideas for an Amazing Jamaica-Themed Christmas Tree

No disrespect to the traditional Santa-Claus-and-snow-type Christmas tree, but the holidays present Jamaicans with a unique opportunity to recognize their heritage and express their national pride by decorating the tree with ornaments and objects that reflect the culture of the home island. So put on the reggae music, enjoy a glass of sorrel,  have a piece of Jamaican Christmas cake, and consider the following options.

Jamaican Themed Christmas Tree 2
Jamaican Themed Christmas Tree
  1. Since it does not snow in Jamaica, snow-themed ornaments could be replaced by replicas of star apples.
  2. Pay homage to Jamaican folklore with decorative dolls made to represent Miss Lou, market men/women, singers, and dancers.
  3. Use sugar cane, pumpkins,, beets or turnips as decorative objects.
  4. Festoon the tree with Jamaican flags.
  5. Use photographs of Jamaica’s spectacular scenic panoramas, complete with palm trees, beaches, and mountains.
  6. Display mementos of Bob Marley: pictures, cd labels, album covers, etc.
  7. If it’s legal, include some representative ganja; if it’s not legal, create a ganja-free replica.
  8. Get stuffed toys or figurines in the shape of spiders in honor of Anansi and hang them from the tree boughs.
  9. Add items related to the sun and sea, including sunglasses and conch or other seashells.


Jamaican Themed Christmas Tree
Prince S Char (Shayzon) with her Jamaican Themed Christmas Tree

Photo by Decisive Moment Events, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Prince S Char (Shayzon)
Christmas Tree decorated by Prince S Char (Shayzon)