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If I have no money to hire a lawyer, can I still apply for Letters of Administration

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I have question rather than comment and would appreciate receipt of an answer

Can one submit a request for a letter of administration without the use of an attorney?  What If you are unable to retain an attorney what are the options available to an individual who needs this matter addressed.

How long does it take to process or have an estate administered on when the deceased died Intestate?

have a great day and looking forward to your response.

God Bless


Lucilda Walker

RESPONSE: Dear Lucilda, 

Thanks for writing in. The information above deals with your query in part. You can apply without an attorney, if you know what to do and have someone with experience to guide you along. 

Members of the Legal Wiz team can assist you for nominal fees in preparing your documents and you can rely on an attorney for further guidance as necessary. There is also at least two Legal aid clinics ready to assist you further.

You should be aware that there are fees charged by the government which you must pay.


Legal Wiz

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