If You Could

If you could return to some time in your past
And relive those days anew
Which would you choose, I dare to ask
And just what would you do

If you could go back and do the things
That time did not allow
And change the things that you did wrong
Could you, would you and how

Just how many things, since you’ve been here
Leaves deep remorse and regret
And how many things do you rue about
And wish you could forget

There are lost friends and lost loves
Precious moments gone
Opportunities that we missed
And loved ones that we mourn

Yes there are times we will look back
And wish we could redo
With wisdom now we hadn’t then
The folly of our youth

But if we really could go back
What difference could we make
Would trying to correct the past
Be just one more mistake

If you are like the rest of us
Then life has been contrast
But to try and change one single thing
Could wipe out all our past

Yes it’d be good to change some things
But is it worth the pain
When we can choose to just forget
And not go back again

Forgiveness is a pious thing
To offer unto others
But when we learn to forgive ourselves
The past no longer bothers

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