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The thin line between love and hate – Memoirs of An Illegal Alien Part 104

The friendly relationship between Juliet and I had deteriorated after she pulled off that stunt

putting pepper in Nicola’s panty

. We were basically 2 ships passing each other by in the house.

It was not going to help our “business” marriage so I made a conscious decision to try and make things better. We were quickly approaching the wedding date. It was important for us to be on the “same page” throughout this whole process.

One of Juliet’s biggest complaints about me when she moved in is that I did not keep the house as clean as she would like it. I was constantly leaving thing in the wrong place and never put things back after using them.

My first “olive branch” to her was to put things back in its proper place. I started to do more of the housework. I was cooking more and I made sure there was food for Juliet every evening she got home. She seems to appreciate the gesture. We started speaking again.  I told her I was wrong to jeopardize the marriage by starting a relationship. She was skeptical. She stated that I was doing this to make sure the business marriage went smoothly. I admitted that was true. We were trying to make things work by doing more together.

One of the things we did together was shopping at the supermarket. I wanted to be sure we knew each other’s eating habits just in case immigration asked us. I remember hearing that they  may ask what food brands we like. We generally put on a good “show” at the supermarket.

One of the things that also changed after the “panty” incident was Juliet having a transformation. She dressed differently and had a new hairdo. She was dressing more nicely and seemed to bring bags home weekly from shopping at the mall. I had to admit that she was looking very attractive.

The second week while we were in Winn Dixie shopping there was a man staring at Juliet. He was in a security guard uniform. He looked Jamaican but I was not sure.

We typically practice some hand holding and marriage type mannerisms. I am positive he saw that we were “together” but he did not care. He was staring Juliet down like she was a delicious food to eat. We continued shopping and I ignored him. Then I left Juliet to get some cookies on another isles. I came back to see him slipping her a card and walking away quickly.

“Can you believe he gave me his phone number even though he knew we were together” she said with a smile.

“Maybe you should call him” I replied jokingly.

“He is Jamaican”, She replied.

I was not surprised. Jamaican men are bold. They don’t care if a woman had a boyfriend, fiancé or husband. Jamaican men believe they can win over any woman with their “lyrics” and charms.

Juliet and I had a good laugh about the guy.


As the tension eased we started to communicate more. Juliet was home earlier and we are dining together. It was great as it would help with the marriage process.

Everyone was talking about the new movie Bourne Identity. I wanted to go see it. Steven and I typically double date with some younger girls and go to these “man flicks”. We still saw each other at work but he still viewed me as management. We also worked different shifts. He also was getting really serious about a girl he met on South Beach at the Urban Beach weekend event.

I wanted to go badly but did not want to go alone. I asked Juliet if she wanted to go. I stressed to her these types of events help us to know more about each other.

She accepted and it was a date.

It was weird getting ready for the date as she was in the other room getting ready also.

Juliet emerged from her room looking very attractive. She did not look like the same person I had known all these years.

We talked on the way the movie theatre. We had a lot in common. We talked all the time at the house and when we were in college together but this was a little different. We were not talking to learn about each other for an immigration interview, but with a genuine interest.

The movie was great. It had us talking in the car.

“Want to stop for some ice cream. My treat” Juliet asked.

“Sure” I replied.

We stopped at a Dairy Queen which was not too far from the house.

We started to talk about other movies as we are the ice cream on the benches outside. We liked a lot of the same movies.

Then something weird happened. Juliet touched my hand to make a point and I felt something. Was I having feelings for Juliet? I tried to rationalize it to me being on dry “dock” was yearning for any touch from a woman.

Our eyes met and we both looked away. On the way home we barely spoke. When we got in the house Juliet faces me

Thanks for a great night, I had fun.

She then started to hug me. I hugged her back. She was pressing her body against mine. Then she held her face out like she was awaiting a kiss.

I kissed her on the cheek and said.

“I had fun too. We should do it again. Good night”

I awkwardly got out of her embrace and walked to my room.

I was aroused but had to suppress those feelings. We were both desperate. She had been focused on studying the past 2 years. As I lay in bed my body was saying one thing and my mind another. I had to stop any feeling I had for her. It was clear that any sign of her

confusion about her sexuality

was no longer there. I had to stop her from falling in love with me.

There was no way I was going to cross the line. I had heard about too many horror stories.

It was the beginning of the end of the truce. In fact it was going to become war.


A man was exiting the house as I was getting out of the car. He looked vaguely familiar. As I got closer I realized it was him. It was the Jamaican guy from the supermarket who tried to  pick up Julia. He nodded and walked right by me.

Juliet was in the kitchen in a sexy negligee.

“What’s going on? I thought we agree to not see anyone.”

“He is just a friend,” and walked away slamming her room door.

For the next few weeks I was about to experience the “wrath of a spurned woman”.

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