Conflicted – Memoirs of An Illegal Alien Part 106

A political scandal dealing with immigration was dominating the news cycle. Typically, when you hear about politicians involved in an immigration scandal it is either a housekeeper or a babysitter, usually a labor worker they hired knowing they are illegal aliens. A Boca Raton politician vying for a seat in congress, was set to withdraw his candidacy as his wife admitted that her first marriage was a “business” marriage. She needed the money to finish school and an international student from Nigeria paid her to marry him so he could get a green card. His family was rich from the oil business and paid her handsomely. The statute of limitations had passed so she could not be prosecuted; however the damage it caused her husband was irreparable.  An investigative reporter “dug” deep into her life as she had tried to run for office before unsuccessfully. The candidate’s wife held a news conference explaining her actions. She cried asked for forgiveness saying she hoped it would not affect her husband’s candidacy.
My mother called in a panic. She had been trying to reach me for the past 3 days. It was during the time I was recovering from my sickness. I purposely did not pick up the phone. I needed rest to recover. I was also a little depressed because of how my conversations with Donesha ended. I was questioning myself. Was I really making the right decision?
It was less than 2 months before the wedding. I still had time.
“Why didn’t you call and let us know you were sick? “I was worried sick!”, my mother screamed at me over the phone.
I was in no mood to argue.
“I know I should have. I am sorry”, I replied agreeing with her. As I thought about it, I missed being pampered as the only boy. I wish I was around family when I was sick. Juliet “totally” ignored me even after she knew I was at my doctor. I had to try and inform her of everything because I would not want to go to an immigration interview where a question about me came up and she did not know.
I received two unexpected calls.
“Hi how are you doing?” It was Nicola
My “heart skipped” a beat. Did she have a change of heart about our relationship.
“I am doing fine” I responded cautiously trying not to get my hopes up to high.
“I heard you were sick and hope you were feeling better”
Ah ha! I thought to myself. The call was 2 days after speaking to my mother. Before I could respond she continued.
Your mother sent some things from Jamaica with my Aunt yesterday. Can you come by her house and pick them up.
“Sure…is tomorrow okay?” I asked
“Yes” she replied
I tried to continue the conversation.
“How are you doing?” I asked
“I am fine…I have to go now”
It was the most excitement I felt in months. Just hearing her voice gave me a burst of energy. I could not wait to see her tomorrow.
The next call was even more unexpected.
“Are you feeling better”, it was Rosa. She sounded genuinely concerned.
As a doctor she started to ask  medical questions which were “way over my head”.
My mother had called her about my illness. The conversation went from my sickness to who is caring for me.
You need a medical advocate and it sounds like Juliet is not  looking out for your best interest.
I knew where this was going. She started to rant about me getting married to Juliet for my green card.
I did not want to hear it. I also did not like having the conversation on the phone. The train had left the station, in 2 months I was getting married.
Nicola, opened the door with a “scandal bag” (Jamaican polythene bags that you usually get at supermarkets) in her hand.
“Here is the bag your mother sent from Jamaica”
She was rushing me. She did not invite me into the house.
“So is this what it comes to. You can’t even offer me a glass of water?”
She gave me a look that said “don’t even try me”
I was not done.
“Can I say hello to your Aunty?”
“She is not here; she had run out for a few hours”
I sensed an opportunity.
“So can we just talk?”
“What is there to talk about? You are getting married in 2 months”
I rather not talk about it out here
You can come in but promise you won’t try anything
“I have always respected you” I replied. You know I won’t try anything
We walked in the house
“I still care for you” I said
“If you did then you would not be doing this marriage” she quickly snapped back
“I care for you more than you know. It’s just that I have to do this.” I tried to justify it.
“But you don’t have to” she responded
It’s the naivety that I hear from people all the time. They keep thinking there is another way to getting my green card but can’t say. Most times I want to ask them.
“Then what do you suggest I do to get my green card?” I asked, holding back my sarcasm. “I looked at everything and this is the only option available”
“Well I guess you made your choice.” She said sadly
She got up hinting it was time for me to leave.
I walked to the door.
She opened the door then kissed me on the lips.
“Good bye and have a great life”
It was the type of kiss that said here is what you could have had.
It was tempting. I wanted to go back in and tell her that I was not going to marry Juliet but I wanted my green card more than anything else.
As I walked to the car I noticed a security car parked near the house. It looked familiar. I had seen it somewhere before.
As I was getting into my car the lights on the security car came on and it pulled up beside me. The windows went down.
“Hello there” a familiar sarcastic voice greeted me. I was shocked.
It was Juliet staring right at me. Her boyfriend was in the driver’s seat side.
She looked at him and said “I told you he had a girlfriend”
She then looked back at me and smiled. It was a slick evil smile. The type of smile that said “I have something on you”.
They drove off.
What type of game is she playing? Why is she stalking me? Something was about to happen and it was not going to be good.