Luv Out Nuff More : Memoirs Of An Illegal Alien Part 14

My life was now filled with my feelings for Sheri-Ann Kong. To me it was also destiny because the girl I was “checking” before I left Jamaica was also named Sheri-Ann. What is the chance that one Sheri-Ann could replace another? I could not help comparing. Sherri-Ann Kong was prettier than Sheri-Ann Simon I thought. Then again I thought…she was not really prettier but had more developed “body”.

I could not get Sheri-Ann Kong out of my mind. She was the perfect distraction for all my immigration worries. The feeling of constantly looking behind my back was temporarily gone. Going by someone else’s name was less a bother. Seeing the others at work driving their car did not matter anymore. I spoke to my contact in NY and he said he was now working on the ‘case’ and that my father had sent him money. But that did not seem to matter either. All I wanted was Sheri-Ann. We spoke on the phone every night and sometimes during the day. We spoke about school and she told me who went to 6th form. We spoke about music. We spoke about everything. There was phone booth outside McDonalds where she called me on my lunch break.

Although we spoke on the phone daily it had been 2 weeks since I last saw her in person. It was time to make a plan to visit. I would be alone with her because her mother worked nights and rarely has a day off. She had been hinting to me to come visit. She told me she was a nurse and ‘watched’ an old Jewish gentleman who lived on Miami Beach. She worked 12 hour shifts most days from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am.

I think I have devised the perfect plan for a first visit. I would take the day off on Friday from McDonalds and then go her house. I would go to my first job and leave from there. I would not tell Aunt Fern. I confirmed

It was good to wake and look forward to a day with some excitement. I packed some extra clothes; new polo shirt, some jeans, my moccasins and some polo cologne. I was not sure how I would do it but I needed to smell nice and clean. Some of the other workers would do a wash up with the nearest house hose. I normally did a wipe down in the Mc Donald’s bathroom before I changed into my uniform. The job for the pass 2 weeks was at a mansion on Miami Beach. There were twelve bedrooms, with a beach view in the back. Our job was to title the humungous pool, which was also in the back. The owner had not moved in yet as he wanted to remodel. There are a few islands between Miami Beach and Miami. This house was on Star Island. The houses are really big and the architecture is amazing. Beverly Hills and Forest hills in Jamaica cannot compare. Every house had a BMW, Jaguar or Mercedes. One the guys I worked with said he heard Bob Marley had a home on the island before he died. There is gate to get on the island and you have to show ID. I remember on that day I wish I could have a home like this for Sheri-Ann my future wife. I was smiling to myself. That day I was willing to take the risk today and not just wash up. I would take a shower in the bathroom before my big date. I would tell them I needed to use the bathroom and then I would head out the furthest one and take a quick shower. I also know that right around ‘clean up’ time the food truck comes around again. Everyone will be too busy eating to realize I took extra time.

The day dragged on slowly and I went true all the regular monitions. It was very strange also because I never felt tired. It was probably the adrenalin with the excitement of seeing Sheri-Ann.

The end of the workday was here and the plan worked perfectly. I walked through the empty mansion to the master bathroom, which was at the furthest end of the room. It was really large with a shower and what I would call mini pool. I would later learn it was called Jacuzzi. I quickly took a shower and changed. As I changed the popular rap song “Lottie Dottie by Slick Rick & Dougie Fresh” that was now playing everywhere was gong through my mind. All I think was the line ‘fresh dresses like a million buck’. I cleaned up the place as best I could to make sure it was spotless. I then rushed out to meet the others.

The bus ride was a little strange. I almost got off at McDonalds instead of going to the main terminal where I could get a seat for the ride to Sheri-Ann’s house.

I arrived at the apartment building where Sheri-Ann’s home at about 5:00pm. It was a two story building on a street that was just a major road. It was not like the typical apartment where each apartment was beside each other was in a row. The building was build with each apartment adjacent to the other on each floor. It was very classy and private.

I had memorized the apt number and found it easily. Before I knocked on the door I took a deep breath. I had to compose myself as my heart was beating a mile a minute. I knocked…

“Just a minute” It was Sheri-Ann’s voice.

The door started to open. Sheri-Ann was wearing a modest red blouse with some tight jeans. She had let out her hair and had on red lipstick. I felt a “sink in my heart”. Under my breath I was saying “Whoa”. I smiled as she beckoned me in

“Do you want something to drink,” she asked.

“Sure. What do you have?” I replied.

“Orange Juice, Gator Aide, Lemonade, Pepsi” she replied.

“I will have the orange juice”

“Okay I will be right back. You can take a seat,” she pointed to a couch in the living room.

I watched her leave the room and enter the kitchen. Her hair was stream down her back on her jeans. Again I was saying in my mind “Whoa”.

I scanned the modestly furnished very clean apartment. There was some Jamaican painting on the wall. I recognize them because practically most homes in Jamaica have a few. I sat on the couch in the middle of the living room. The television was on cartoons. It was one of my favorites “Inspector Gadget”. It was a good sign to see that she also liked cartoon.

Here you go. As she entered the living room and handed me the drink. She sat beside me on the coach. Close enough for me to smell her perfume but not where we were touching.

I see you are into Inspector Gadget.

Yes. The cartoon her are a much better that what we used to get on JBC.

We laughed.

It seems to have broke the “face to face” meeting and the conversations continued to flow.

I found myself staring directly in her eyes. She did not seem un-comfortable and stared right back. It was not really a stare but more of us “connecting”. Well that is what I was thinking.

Time just seemed to fly and we ignoring the TV, as we were engrossed in the conversation. We moved to music and she turned off the TV and got her “double” cassette deck. She played a few songs and asked me if I liked.

I looked up at my watch and realized 4 hours had passed. It was getting late. I did not want to overextend my time and also had to arrive home just about the time a normally do from work. Also in the back of mind I was not going to try and make any types of “move” on her. One of my friends who were a “girls man” had me in his “stables” and I have used his tips which every girl I check. Never make a “move” until the second meeting. A move can be anything from a hug, holding hands or a kiss.

“Sheri-Ann it is getting late and I have to go”

‘Do you have to leave right now. My mother does not get back home till tomorrow. We can listen so some more music and cool out.” She had a cute pout look on her face.

I would love to but I can’t get into too late at my Aunt. I will call you as soon as I get in., I replied

We both got up and started walking to the door. To my surprise she held my hand and squeezed it. What am I going to do now? She made the first “move”. I did not want to leave.

As I stood in the door way she held tighter. I turned around and looked her in the eyes.

“Call you later”

Ok. She grabbed me and hugged. Then with out warning she planted a big kiss on my lips. I was at a loss of words but I kissed right back. Then as quickly as she kissed me she pulled back.

“Make sure you call me later”, replied looking in my eyes.

I was still stunned. All I could say was “Trust me I will”. She hugged me and I watch as she closed the door.

My mind was racing a mile a minute. What an idiot I was! Why did I leave? I could have spent 1 more minutes. She made all the moves so there was nothing more for me to do. I could not believe Sheri-Ann Kong kissed me. I guess now I have a girl friend. As I walked to the bus stop all that was on my mind was the next visit to Sheri-Ann…also the call I would make to her later that night.

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