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Graduation, Goodbye…The Flirting Game – Memoirs Of An Illegal Alien Part 78

It was time to break it off with Elena. She was getting too controlling and also very “kinky”. I am all for trying new things but she wanted to go into a new area that no God fearing Jamaican man would do.

She wanted us to role play. At first I thought it was super heroes or police but then she suggested I become female and she becomes male. I would wear women clothes behind closed doors. She had all sorts of sex toys she wanted to use on me when “she was male”. I told her “No”. She pressed. I was not going to do it.

She was also very confrontational about everything. Every disagreement became an argument. She would always say she loved it because of our “make up sex”.

She wanted to know where I was at every hour of the day. She called my job, she called Steven, and she called the house.

I felt caged in.

I wanted out.

Seeing Angela also gave me hope. She is still here and she still held my heart.

I wish there was a book on “how to break up with a freak.”

It was graduation time for Sue. My parents were coming up from Jamaica for the graduation. My other sister, Kerri could not make it as she had classes that week at UWI. The plan was for Sue to leave with my parents two weeks after graduation.

It was a sad time for me. Sue and I were very close again. As the time drew closer to her return to Jamaica we got closer.

The relationship between her and Sidney ended. He actually returned to his wife. Sue joked that his wife took him back because she wanted a green card.

She and Rosa were still close. Rosa had a new boyfriend, a doctor. He would be driving down from Orlando with her for the gradation. Sue confided in me that Rosa still loved me. I was not taking her back especially now that another man had the goods. My ego would not allow it. There was also the fact that I saw Angela at the Publix. It seemed to have clouded my mind and all the decisions I made.

Sue seemed confident that Rosa and I would get back together, as was my mother. We shared so much during the months leading up to her graduation. The little thing she did to annoy me seemed trivial during this time. I think we both knew that it was a “good-bye” for a while. I would never be able to visit her for the years she would be in Jamaica before she goes off to Canada. If everything went right she could visit me once she got her Canadian “green card” or as they say in Canada once she “land”.

Sue became like a mother figure during the time we lived alone together. She voiced her concerns about me and my relationship. She was giving me advice on the type of girl she believed was right for me. It sounded like she was describing Rosa. I went out on a limb and asked her how to break it off with “freak girl”.

“ You finally ready to break up with that crazy girl. I suggest you break up with her in a public place so she does not go ballistic on you. Make it a clear break. Don’t do the let’s be friends as this girl will stalk you. Just tell her it is not working and you both need to move on. “, she replied.

It sounded like some good advice. I did not want to do it until after Sue’s graduation.  I was able to keep Elena away by telling her I need a few days to study.


I picked up my parents at the airport. They were the happiest I had seen them in years. They were playful and happy that Sue was graduating and coming home.  They were staying at Uncle Marlon and Aunt Donna who were family friends. Even though they were not staying with us they visited us every day leading up the graduation. My mother cooked for us. Sue and I cooked all the time but it was good to have my mother’s home cooking. Even though our sister Kerri was not there the time we spent together as a family helped ease some of the anxiety I had of being left alone once Sue returns to Jamaica.

Dionne flew in from New York for Sue’s graduation. I picked her up from the airport.  She was going to stay with us that weekend.

She was extremely nice. She looked different. She was dressed in a really sexy outfit and she looked better than I remembered.

We talked about my visit to New York and my Uncle Teddy’s wedding. We laughed about Sidney coming to surprise Sue.

Then she asked a very personal question.

“I heard about you and Rosa breaking up. Are you  still single?

I was not sure how to respond.  It seemed she was checking me out.

“Yes” , I replied lying as I was still in a relationship with “freak girl” Elena.

She had a little smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

“I will never forget our dance at your Uncle’s wedding“, she stated.

Now I figured it out. We danced the night away together at Uncle Teddy’s wedding. We did a lot of close dancing. There were moments when I almost kissed her but never did. I also thought she was going to kiss me but she never did. I was committed to Rosa. Also, I knew she only dated white men after some bad relationships with Jamaicans.

Are we going out after the graduation dinner tomorrow? She asked.

We were doing a dinner at a restaurant after graduation tomorrow. Sue did want to go out that night.

Yes, I stated.

“Great, you and I can dance” she said.

Sure, I smiled.

“We have unfinished business”, she said with a flirtatious voice.

I thought to myself “it would be an interesting weekend”

Sue was waiting for Dionne. As soon as the door opened they were screaming and hugging like they had not seen each other for years. My mother was there and had cooked curried chicken.

Dionne spent that evening catching up until Sue got a phone call.

It was Rosa. She and her boyfriend had arrived. They were going to meet somewhere that night for a girl’s night out.  Krystal Yu was also going to meet them.

Rosa was on her way to our apartment.

My mother started cleaning  the apartment like she was expecting the president or prime minister of Jamaica. She was excited to see Rosa. She loved her like a daughter. It broke her heart when she heard Rosa had a new boyfriend. She always thought we would get back together.

I did not want to be around when Rosa arrived but I could not leave. I was the “chauffeur” and had to take my mother back to Uncle Marlon and Aunt Donna’s home.

My mother left a bag in the car with some shoes she bought. She wanted to show Sue so she  sent me to get it.

While getting the back from my car a  red BMW coupe pulled up.  It was tinted dark. The door opened. The first thing I saw was a sexy pair of legs in a skin tight red mini skirt. I looked up and it was Rosa.

“Hi” she greeted me in a seductive voice looking straight at me. I am positive she knew I was looking at her body as she was exiting the car.

I was caught red handed. If I was white I would be red in embarrassment.

“Hello” I replied slightly stuttering.

“It’s been a long time”

She reached out kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. She pressed her  body against me. I could feel her breast piercing my chest. It was the type of hug that said “this was once yours”.

“How have you been” she asked as we walked back to the apartment.

“Good” I replied ” how about you?”

“I am doing great” She replied.

She certainly looked it.

My mother was at the door and greeted Rosa with a big hug. She whisked her to the couch as Sue and Dionne were getting ready. I went to my room.

I could hear the conversation between Rosa and my mother.

Rosa was telling my mother how she loved living in Orlando.  She told her how she would still love to visit Jamaica one day. My mother told her that she always had a place to stay. Then there was some whispering. I was sure I heard them call my name. My mother was probably asking about what happened with our relationship.

“Are you ready mommy?” I asked. It was getting late.

“Soon come”, she replied.

“Okay, remember that Uncle Marlon goes to bed early”. I replied. I was letting her know the urgency for us to leave.

“Yes, I know.  Just give me a moment,” she replied.

They continued to talk and giggle like two school girls. It bothered me.  No other girl I bring home to my mother would be able to measure up to Rosa.

My mother’s  “ soon come”  went on for 45 minutes before she was ready.

My mother was silent on the ride over.

“Is everything alright?”, I asked.

“Yes”‘ she replied.


Then she said “Rosa is a really nice girl”

I kept silent. There was nothing I could say that would ever change her mind that this is the girl I should have married.


I was awaken by knocking on my room door.

“Are you awake. Can I come in?”

Dionne was knocking at my room door. She and Sue slept in the same room.

“I am, give me a minute,” I replied.  I was in my underwear.

She burst in the room while I was putting on my pants.

“Sue is still sleeping. Where is the coffee?”, She asked.

She was in a t-shirt. No bra and as far as could see bases on the morning sun she was not wearing panties.

“I will show you,” I replied as I walked with her into the kitchen.

I put the kettle on for her and took out the Blue Mountain coffee out the cupboard.

“Blue Mountain, my favorite”, she stated.

“Not everyone gets our Blue Mountain coffee.” I stated playfully

“I know I am special”‘ she laughed with a gleam in her eyes staring me down. I was bare bested.

She winked and then  switched crossing her leg and it was a Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct moment where she was giving a sneak peak.

“I guess you are”, I replied flirting with her and looking at her legs.

Then she killed the excitement.

“After spending time with your ex-girlfriend last night I can see why you and her broke up. You are a nice guy and she is a real show off bit**.”  She stated. She was being a typical New Yorker, wearing her feelings on her sleeve.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“All night all she did was talk about her great life in Orlando, her car, her boyfriend and how much money she makes. You deserved better.”

I wanted to say something to defend Rosa but did not. Dionne was the first person to say something negative about Rosa. She was the first person to not blame me for the break up. It drew me to her.

We talked for about 30 minutes before Sue woke up and joined us in the kitchen. We had breakfast and it was off to the afternoon graduation. Dionne was dress in a tight dress that was very sexy.  I was paying more attention to her.

We got to the auditorium early. My parents were already there. Seth and Kyrstal were also there. Rosa arrived with her boyfriend just after us. He was a tall white Hispanic man. His body looked like the super hero from the cartoon TV show Mighty Mouse. He was muscular above his waist but average below.

Rosa introduced me to Alberto.  He extended his hand to me.  

“Great to meet you”, he said as he shook my hand.

He had a firm shake and looked me in the eyes. I am sure he knew who I was.

At that very moment Dionne appeared beside me with her face on my shoulder.  She was affectionately rubbing my arm like a girlfriend or wife would.

“Hey. Let’s go in. The place is filling up.” Dionne stated.

Rosa was staring at me. Her eyes were asking the question. “What is going on between you two? “

Then she was staring at Dionne.  I sensed Dionne was staring back. There was clearly some tension between them.

We went into the auditorium.  Dionne sat beside me.

The graduation was long. Dionne wanted to have a conversation. She kept whispering in my ears. She was funny as she talked about how people dressed for the graduation.

After the graduation we were going to dinner at Uncle Marlon and Aunt Donna’s home. They had a large 6 bedroom house sitting on a lake.  The house had a large back patio with a view of the lake. It was the perfect place for the dinner. They laid out tables and chairs on the patio.

I sat at a table close to the lake and Dionne joined me.  Seth and Krystal also sat at the table. We spoke a little bit but then each couple broke off into their own conversation.

All through the dinner Dionne and I were engrossed in conversation.  It was easy talking to her. She seemed different from the “stuck in the mud” person I met in New York that only dated white men.

 She had an Italian boyfriend in New York.  She joked that there is no one like a Jamaican man putting her hands on my leg under the table.

Rosa was sitting at a table close by and she kept glancing over at Dionne and I.  She had a look of disgust on her face. I was enjoying it because it was my time to say look what you gave up.

Sue was enjoying the dinner.  Many of her friends came. It was her graduation and good bye dinner.  I was happy there was a large turnout for Sue.  I never got an opportunity to say anything to Sue at the dinner as I was occupied with Dionne.  

I think most the young people at the dinner could not wait till the night. We were going to a club that night.

The most entertaining part of the dinner was watching Rosa staring at my table.  She was not happy.

Dionne, Sue and I left the dinner at 9:00 pm to go back home to change for the club. Most of Sue’s friends would meet us there.

We got to the club early. Rosa and her boyfriend, Alberto, were already there along with Seth and Krystal. Sue, Dionne and I walked over to where they were. We ordered drinks and hung out till the music “warmed up”.  Dionne excused herself and went the bathroom.  Rosa did the same and followed Dionne.

Dionne came back with a big smile on her face.  The DJ had just started to play reggae and  Dionne grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We danced together all night. She danced really close to me pressing her body to mine.  All the while I could feel Rosa’s stare on us. She and her boyfriend joined us on the floor. At that point Dionne got more provocative with her dancing. Turning her back to my body and rubbing against me.

Rosa left the dance floor.

We took a break from dancing for some fresh air. The club had a patio and we went outside.

 I was curious to find out what was going on. I enjoyed flirting with Dionne. As a man my body was saying go for the ride but my mind kept telling me that I was a pawn in a game Dionne was playing with Rosa. It could also be a continuation of the flirting we did in New York. I was not sure.

I went with my mind and tried to find out.

“You have been flirting with me since you arrived. Where are you going with this?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”  she responded with a smile on her face.

“You know what I mean. Don’t you have a boyfriend in New York?” I asked.

“Didn’t I mention there is nothing like a Jamaican man?” she was flirting again.

“You are playing with fire?”

“I don’t mind getting burnt tonight in your room” she replied with a sly smile and a wink.

At that instance she became the sexiest woman I had seen in a while. I did not care what the consequences were. I did not care if she was one of Sue’s best friends and she had a boyfriend.  My mind knew it was a game but my body did not care. I did not care if Rosa was upset as she has a boyfriend.

We went back in and danced some more. Dionne had a few more drinks. I did not drink as I was the driver. As an illegal alien I could not afford to get arrested for drunk driving so I typically never drink any alcohol when I go out.

We left at 4:00 am in the morning.  Sue fell asleep but Dionne was awake. We tried to keep the conversation “generic” so as not to alert Sue of anything going on between us.  On the other hand our glances would tip anyone off.

We got in and I went to my room. The plan was Dionne would sneak out of Sue’s room into mine.

I waited with great expectation for an hour. I don’t know when I fell asleep. Dionne never came to my room. It was all a game.

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