I Love A Woman

The man was there
the lady was there.
Bare to bare, arms in arms.
One for her, one for him.
Love’s miracle
like love is love and love is all
once you find it.

Once you find it, you defend it
you protect it, you share it
and it never dies once you find it.
Once it’s true you can die for it.

It’s always the first time
it’s always the last time.

The words come
the words you listen to
the words you want to say
the words you say
the words that become words
when thoughts through thoughts become truth.

You said —- and now I hear it again
"First time you loved a black woman?"
I said
"Yes my dear Jamaican lady."
But it took all this time to answer you
for the lady you are
I can now say what took courage to admit.

It was the first time this man loved a "woman"
now there are no other women.
For true!
This was the only reply to your question
This will always be my silent answer to your sweetness.

COPYRIGHT Daniel Nicastro Basseterre 2002

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Danielni Castro