Imagine yourself as a comedian on a live stage
With a minority audience laughing at how you got played…
Imagine that you are feeling that your life’s in control
when there is someone monitoring your body and soul…

Imagine playing a part in a film and thinking ‘this is a great fit’..
and it has been engineered as though you had written the script.
Imagine a group of black boys doing their best
and then being told that they had failed the test.
Imagine how they might feel about their capabilities
when constantly striving yet achieving ‘D’s & ‘C’s.

Imagine if you knew you were being rail-roaded in
What would you do to decode the plan?
Imagine if you realised that DNA testing and incarceration
was to get rid of black boys or make them form gangs?
Imagine if you knew that you were deliberately fed drugs,
and that guns were being given to make you self-obsessed thugs?
What would you do differently – how would you change
So that you were not performing puppets on a puppeteer’s stage?

Imagine this life as a game where you have been programmed to fail,
How would you counter attack on such a large scale?
Imagine your life is a Playstation™ that someone else is controlling
How would you dodge the enemy to prevent yourself from dissolving?

This is your life – but it is not a game
The mechanisms are similar, the strategy the same;
The goal is to segregate – to annihilate young boys
So if you are not one step ahead you will be destroyed.

This may sound extreme to someone in their teens,
or to those who feel so frustrated that they just want to scream.
But it’s a serious thing – you will be like dead men walking
If you don’t rise up and fulfil Dr King’s dream.

© Myrna Loy

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Myrna Loy